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Guide to the Components of a CNC Machine

February 2nd, 2023 Brian Diver

Knowing the components of a CNC machine can help you get the most out of this equipment. It makes sense to understand the various machine parts since these workhorses of the manufacturing industry can be found everywhere. And CNC systems are only gaining in popularity. The U.S. CNC machine market should reach $4 billion by 2030.

We'll first review the definition of a CNC machine and its advantages. Then we'll identify each component, including the:

See our diagram of a CNC machine for a quick overview.

components of CNC machine

What Is a CNC Machine?

Before discussing the parts of a CNC machine, let's look at the definition of this equipment. CNC stands for computer numerical control. A CNC system offers a high degree of automation and a wide range of advantages. Compared to a manual machine, a CNC machining system:

  • Produces more parts in more significant numbers
  • Accommodates a broad array of materials, including metal, wood, and plastic
  • Manufactures parts faster
  • Offers a high level of precision
  • Decreases the risk of human error
  • Increases worker safety

CNC machines help manufacture parts for numerous industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Medica
  • Oil and gas
  • Aerospace and defens
  • Marine
  • Electronics
CNC machine parts

The Components of a CNC Machine

Now that we've reviewed the definition of a CNC system, let's go over all the components of a CNC system. Regardless of the manufacturer, the basic design of all CNC machines is the same. A CNC system includes:


The bed is the base of the machine upon which everything else is built. It's often made of cast iron for increased durability and strength.

Input Device

The input device is a crucial CNC part and delivers the programming instructions to the machine. The most common types of input devices include punch tape readers, magnetic tape readers, and computers connected via RS-232-C.

Machine Control Unit

The machine control unit (MCU) acts as the system's brain among all the CNC parts. It decodes the programming instructions and controls all the primary operations, such as:

  • Starting and stopping tasks
  • Varying the spindle speed
  • Setting the rotation direction of the spindle
  • Changing required tools
  • Managing the feed rate

Control Panel

The control panel is its heart if the machine control unit is a CNC machine's brain, and it feeds the programming instructions into the machine.

Display Unit

The display unit includes a monitor that shows all relevant information, like programs, instructions, and machine status.

Machine Tools

Machine tools comprise various CNC components, like the sliding table and the spindle. Operators use X and Y axes to control the table and the Z axis to control the spindle. Elements such as spindle drives and spindle motors are crucial to the operation of a CNC machine.


Positioned on the main spindle, the chuck is a work-holding device that fixes the tool in place.


The headstock is a machine part to which the workpiece, or part being machined, is attached.


The tailstock offers additional support for the workpiece, which is critical for tasks like turning and threading.

Tailstock Quill

This CNC part helps to evenly distribute the workpiece between the headstock and the tailstock.

Drive System

The drive system includes an amplifier circuit, ball drive motors, and lead screws. CNC servo drives and AC servo motors keep CNC machines running.

Feedback System

The feedback system consists of CNC parts like position and motion transducers, which track the movement and location of the cutting tool. These transducers signal the MCU, which corrects the motion and position of the table and spindle as needed.

Footswitch or Pedal

The CNC machine operator uses the footswitch to open and close the chuck.

CNC parts

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