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Flexiv Adaptive Robots

Flexiv’s line of Rizon force control robots utilize industrial-grade force sensors in combination with a 7-axis configuration to perform tasks with human-like hand-eye coordination.

Rizon force control robots excel in high-mix, low-volume manufacturing. Able to handle changing workpieces and seamlessly switch between tasks. The increased flexibility allows for easy product line reconfiguration without intensive redesign.

Key features of the Rizon force control robot:

  • High tolerance for positional errors
    • Rizon’s ability to feel its surroundings allows it to eliminate lost productivity due to positional errors that occur due to a variety of factors.
  • Outside Disturbance Rejection
    • Rizon’s industrial-grade force sensors allow it to complete tasks while allowing for compliance from outside disturbances such as machinery vibrations and operator interference.
  • Transferable Intelligence
    • Rizon robots can learn and adjust while they complete tasks, allowing for ease of tuning and reduced downtime.
  • Flexiv Elements
    • Flexiv’s graphical, drag-and-drop programming environment offers a simple and powerful way to deploy your robot into complex applications quickly.
  • Flexiv RDK
    • Flexiv’s software development kit offers multi-platform support across Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu.
    • APIs for C++ and Python allow for users to integrate the Rizon robot into existing workflows.
    • Real-time control and monitoring of the Rizon robot can transmit and receive data at 1kHZ.
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  • Flexiv Rizon 10 Adaptive Robot Arm
    Flexiv Rizon 10 Adaptive Robot Arm
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  • Flexiv Rizon 4s Adaptive Robot Arm
    Flexiv Rizon 4S Adaptive Robot Arm
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  • Flexiv Rizon 4 Adaptive Robot Arm
    Flexiv Rizon 4 Adaptive Robot Arm
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