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Schneider Electric 140ATI03000

Schneider Electric 140Ati03000

Schneider Electric 140ATI03000

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  • 140ATI03000
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All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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Schneider Electric 140ATI03000

This Schneider Electric's an analog input module 140ATI03000 is a sophisticated model designed to provide precise control and accuracy. Whether measuring temperature, flow rate, or pressure, the module helps achieve superior results.

This 140ATI03000 module necessitates a chain of 10 16-bit words to function properly - 8 for input data, 1 for system status, and the last one indicating its internal temperature.

Technical Description of 140ATI03000:

The model 140ATI03000 has a precise accuracy drift of 0.15 degrees centigrade and an impressive isolation between channels and the bus, which can withstand 1780 V AC for one minute.

This analog input module is equipped with LEDs to provide visual feedback: 1 green LED for bus communication and one red LED indicating external faults, as well as eight pairs of lit-up indicators - When channels turn on, there are eight greens indicating they are working correctly, while the corresponding number of reds highlights any channel faults.

The 8-channel thermocouple input module allows for exceptional field wiring capabilities, with wire sizes ranging from as small as 20 AWG to a maximum of 1-14 or 2-16 AWG.

Boasting a power consumption of 1.5 W, this model 140ATI03000 is designed for maximum efficiency and reliability with its standard module format. Additionally, the Analog input type on the device comes in thermocouple form to extend functional use cases that meet specific needs.

This temperature gauge hardware requires significant setup time to ensure optimal performance. It should be taken into consideration before power cycling during PLC operation mode.

This remarkably lightweight analog input module (140ATI03000) has incredibly accurate temperature readings, boasting an absolute accuracy error of just +/- 2 degrees Celsius and consistent linearity around one centigrade. Furthermore, it requires only 280 milliamps of current with a mere 0.3-kilogram weight for easy transportability.

This model 140ATI03000 has an incredibly high level of insulation between channels, able to withstand up to 300V DC. It also updates rapidly at 1000ms and requires ten input words for addressing with 16-bit resolution analog inputs.

Ambient Conditions:

The 140ATI03000 model boasts an impressive capability, able to be installed at heights of 5000 meters without any loss in performance. In addition, this mercury-free product is compliant with the stringent EU RoHS Directive.

To ensure optimal operation, the model must be operated and stored within a temperature range of 0 to 60°C & -40 to 85°C, respectively. Additionally, relative humidity in both the operating and storage environment should not exceed 95%.

Standard Safety Instructions:

As automation is highly complex and possesses numerous elements, only a certified professional can evaluate the present factors before set up to determine what equipment should be employed and its required safeguards.

All machinery must have proper point-of-operation guarding to protect operators from potential harm. Using this model for a machine without such safeguards can lead to serious physical injury or worse.

The model 140ATI03000 should only be handled by qualified personnel to ensure proper installation, operation, servicing, and maintenance. Failure to do so may result in undesirable consequences for which the company cannot accept responsibility.

This model 140ATI03000 brings precision and control to various industrial processes. Each application has specific automation equipment depending on the required functions, whether for protection, regulation reasons, or production methods.