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Schneider Electric 140AVO02000

Schneider Electric 140Avo02000

Schneider Electric 140AVO02000

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  • 140AVO02000

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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Schneider Electric 140AVO02000

Schneider Electric offers this high-performance analog output module 140AVO02000 equipped with the necessary features to exceed the needs of any application.

This model 140AVO02000 offers an efficient 4.5 W power consumption, along with a standard module format and bipolar voltage analog output range up to +/- 10 V.

Technical Description of 140AVO02000:

The model 140AVO02000 features 500-V channel isolation and quick 3 ms update times. It requires a 4-output word addressing with precise 12-bit resolution analog outputs. This model showcases a precision drift of 0.003 percent full scale, with an impressive isolation level between channels and the bus at 780 V AC for 60 seconds.

This module 140AVO02000 requires four successive 16-bit words to form its data output. For optimal performance when field wiring, it is recommended to use wire sizes within the range of 1-14 or 2-16 AWG. Additionally, a minimum of 20 AWG works.

This model is lightweight yet powerful; with a weight of 0.3 kilograms, it requires 700 mA to run efficiently, and its setting time clocks in at an impressive 700 microseconds +/-0.1 percent accuracy rate.

The model 140AVO02000 boasts a clear signal-at-a-glance arrangement, with one green LED indicating bus communication presence and one red alerting users to any external fault. Additionally, four green LEDs illuminate when all channels are On while also displaying four red warning lights in the event of channel faults.

This innovative 4 Channel module offers a versatile analog output with adjustable voltages for multiple combinations and levels. Unfortunately, it does not have HART compatibility capabilities.

With a source resistance of 0.1 ohms, this model 140AVO02000 facilitates connection over a distance of up to 400 meters - an ideal configuration for extended system reach.

The front panel lights up 1-4 green LEDs when the system runs normally. However, if the module experiences a communication failure, the Active LED turns off, and predetermined software settings may modify the output values.

External Wiring Recommendations:

When the green channel status LEDs are off, module 140AVO02000 will not produce outputs unless manually initiated with a master override signal.

The master override can be connected to an internal relay contact or external source and provides a secure connection to bypass the module when inactive. Fusing any external sources with a 1/16 A fuse is necessary to ensure safety and optimal performance.

When an external power source is absent, the master override must be connected to its corresponding channel's common. Typically, this relay transition occurs within a quick two milliseconds.

Standard Safety Information:

This 140AVO02000 model of automation equipment is ideal for controlling and optimizing industrial processes. Its features are according to specific needs such as control functions, level of security requirements, production methods, unique conditions, or government regulations.

As the machine builder or system integrator, it is your responsibility to determine which automation equipment and safeties are suitable for a safe setup, operation, and maintenance of the machine. It requires an intimate understanding of all conditions to ensure safety measures are appropriately employed.

Expert installation, operation, servicing, and maintenance are necessary for this analog module (140AVO02000). We advise all personnel to be adequately qualified before utilizing the model, as we cannot assume responsibility for its use or any resulting outcomes.