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Schneider Electric 140DAI54000

Schneider Electric 140Dai54000

Schneider Electric 140DAI54000

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  • 140DAI54000
  • 16POINT
  • 115VAC

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.


Schneider Electric 140DAI54000

The VAC discrete input module 140DA154000 is a highly versatile piece of hardware crafted by the experts at Schneider Electric. The Modicon Quantum automation platform product line features cutting-edge technology that guarantees accurate and reliable results.

Technical Specification of 140DA154000:

The cutting-edge VAC discrete input module 140DA154000 boasts sixteen distinctive inputs and sixteen groupings of channels, each designed to deliver unparalleled performance. The model requires a single input word to address each input to operate at peak efficiency.

Additionally, the model 140DA154000 boasts an impressive discrete input voltage of 115 volts of alternating current, making it a powerful and reliable choice for any technical application.

The VAC discrete input module owns an impressive input current range, able to operate within the frequencies of 47 to 63 Hz with currents at 11.1 mA and 13.2 mA, respectively. Additionally, it flaunts an unparalleled maximum current leakage of only 2.1 mA.

The model's voltage state ensures a power range of 79 to 132 volts, with a frequency of 57 to 63 Hz, and 85 to 132 volts, with a frequency of 47 to 53 Hz. In addition, the voltage state also guarantees a lower power range of 0 to 20 volts, with a frequency of 57 to 63 Hz, and 0 to 20 volts, with a frequency of 47 to 53 Hz. This specific model of voltage state ensures optimal power usage for electrical devices.

This top-of-the-line 140DA154000 input module boasts an impressive input impedance of 12000 ohms between 57 to 63 Hz and an even more impressive 14400 ohms from 47 to 53 Hz. With lightning-fast response times, you can rely on our model to switch off to on in a mere 0.75 ms to 4.9 ms and on to off between 7.3 ms to 12.3 ms.

The model boasts an impressive isolation rating of 1780 Vrms for 1 minute, providing a sturdy barrier between channels and even between channels and buses. It also has a moderate power dissipation of 5.5 W, and despite its sturdy construction, weighs in at a mere 0.31 kilograms.

The 140DA154000 model has a thirst for 180 amps of electricity and boasts a total of 18 LEDs. One enchanting emerald LED is dedicated to bus communication, while a daring red LED stands guard for detecting outside faults. The remaining 16 vivid green LEDs joyously indicate the status of inputs.

Standard Start-Up and Testing Instructions:

Before initiating the model, ensure you have executed all installation and setup protocols. Before conducting any operational trials, clear out all obstructive blocks or temporary holding mechanisms utilized for transportation from every component tool. Eliminate all tools, measuring devices, and waste materials from the equipment before use.

A crucial step for ensuring the flawless operation of your system post-installation involves conducting a start-up test. Trained professionals best perform this test to guarantee that the equipment functions optimally. Regular use of the module should only begin after completing this process.

General Safety Instructions:

The operator should only have access to the necessary operational adjustments to carry out their tasks effectively. Limiting access to other controls and settings is crucial to prevent unauthorized alterations in the operating characteristics. The system can maintain efficiency and uphold safety measures by implementing these restrictions.