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Schneider Electric 140DDI35300

Schneider Electric 140Ddi35300

Schneider Electric 140DDI35300

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  • 140DDI35300
  • 24 V DC
  • 4 X 8 SINK

All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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Schneider Electric 140DDI35300

Schneider Electric's Modicon Quantum automation platform includes this cutting-edge VDC discrete input module 140DDI35300, delivering superior reliability and performance.

The model 140DDI35300 comprises 32 discrete inputs and four distinct channel groups, requiring two input words for addressability. It can receive up to 24V AC as its discrete voltage rating.

Technical Specification of 140DDI35300:

This DC Input 24 VDC 4x8 Sink module 140DDI35300 is designed to accept up to 24V of electricity, making it ideal for use with shared input systems. It has a maximum current leakage rating of 2 mA and functions at frequencies between 47-63Hz, ensuring efficient performance in all scenarios.

The model 140DDI35300 promises optimal voltage performance between 15-30V and -3 to 5 V at 47 - 53 Hz frequencies, depending on the state. With a 2500 ohm input impedance, the model exhibits impressive response times of 1 millisecond for both off-to-on and on-to-off operations.

This 140DDI35300 VDC module is designed to be completely adaptive and reliable, regardless of the polarity. For optimal performance when connecting your wiring network, we recommend utilizing a maximum gauge size of 1-14 AWG or 2-16 AWG, with no less than 20 AWG for effective operation.

The model is designed for maximum electrical isolation, providing 500 Vrms between groups and an impressive 1780 Vrms between the groupings and the bus. It also boasts a low power dissipation of 1.7x No of points on W while being lightweight at 0.3 kilograms.

The model 140DDI35300 features an impressive current requirement of 330 A and is equipped with 34 LEDs. Among these, one green LED indicates bus communication activity, while the red LED highlights external faults. Additionally, 32 additional green LEDs display input status information in real-time.

General Environmental Conditions:

The model 140DDI35300 is crafted for optimal performance, even up to 5000 meters above sea level. For it to last longer and avoid any harm, it is important to use it in an environment that is free from dust and clean.

During operation, maintain the VDC discrete input module at temperatures between 0 and 60 degrees Celsius to ensure optimal performance. When not in use, it must be stored within a temperature range of -40 to 85 degrees Celsius with relative humidity above 95 percent.

Standard Start-Up and Testing Instructions:

To ensure system reliability, qualified personnel should administer a start-up test before regularly using the module. You must arrange for verification appropriately and give yourself enough time to produce successful results.

Ensure you have installed and configured everything correctly before utilizing the 140DDI35300 model. Clear all shipping-related blocks or fixtures from each device component before conducting operational assessments. Please ensure you have removed all tools and particles from the equipment area.

General Safety Instructions:

To ensure maximum efficiency and security, only necessary operator adjustments should be available. Other controls must remain restricted to protect against any unintended manipulation of operational parameters.

Companies should entrust qualified specialists with extensive experience in engineering and developing control systems to program, install, alter, or apply this product - as its application requires a highly specialized skillset.

Qualified personnel should test electrical control and automation equipment upon installation to verify proper functioning before regular operation begins.