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Yaskawa SGDH-20DE

Yaskawa Sgdh-20De

Yaskawa SGDH-20DE

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Yaskawa SGDH-20DE

The Yaskawa SGDH-20DE is also known as the servo variable frequency drive. It falls under the leading line of the Sigma II series of servo amplifiers manufactured by Yaskawa Electric Corporation. This model is suitable as a precise motion control for modular machines for various industries, with auto-tuning and real-time adaptive control for added functionality.

Technical Description:

Yaskawa’s SGDH-20DE is an advanced servo amplifier in the Sigma II series, built on the latest technological advancement and delivering excellent performances in an industrial environment. This type of amplifier is intended for control of servo motors and has options with a 200V supply voltage. It boasts a rating power output of 2.0 kW, which means it is ideal for use, especially in applications that need deterministic motion.

The SGDH-20DE is equipped with several technical attributes, including a high-frequency response of 1 kHz, which makes the motor control accurate for discerning tasks. One other feature of this amplifier is that it comes with advanced auto-tuning options that are very helpful in the setup process because they adjust the correct values that are needed to improve the directions given to the motorists. This feature considerably reduces the commissioning time and improves the overall performance of the system.

The SGDH-20DE also facilitates a range of industrial communication protocols, such as MECHATROLINK-II, that allow the device to interface with different industry networks easily. Owing to their ability to provide real-time adaptive control algorithms, they can change their performance condition in response to load conditions, thus guaranteeing correctness and stability.

Attachments Specifications:

The Yaskawa SGDH-20DE servo amplifier is equipped with several attachments that make it useful for operation and installation. They consist of power and signal cables with reinforced connectors utilized to provide secure connections as well as optimal signal transfer.

Furthermore, for a more systematic means of installation, the unit is provided with a convenient mounting bracket and screw package. The I/O connector, which is also found in close proximity, enables easy connection of additional devices and controllers. These attachments ensure that the SGDH-20DE can be easily implemented in different automation-related processes and industries.

Standard Safety Precautions:

The Yaskawa SGDH-20DE servo amplifier is safe and compliant with a number of standards to guarantee the safe operation of the device. Some of the main measures to enhance safety include protection against overcurrent, overvoltage, and over-temperature, protecting the given system from damage. Users must adhere to the correct earth connection procedures and also ensure that the unit is placed in a locality that has adequate ventilation to avoid heat build-up.

Also, it is essential for the installation to be done according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and for maintenance checks to be regularly conducted as well. The product is certified by CE and UL, which indicates that the product has undergone intensive quality and safety examination for industrial use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of motors is the SGDH-20DE compatible with?

The Yaskawa SGDH-20DE is designed to be compatible with a wide range of Yaskawa servo motors, particularly those in the Sigma II series, ensuring precise and efficient motion control for various industrial applications.

How do I configure the auto-tuning feature on the SGDH-20DE?

The SGDH-20DE features an advanced auto-tuning function that can be easily configured through the amplifier's interface. The system automatically adjusts parameters for optimal performance, simplifying the commissioning process.

What safety features are included in the SGDH-20DE?

The SGDH-20DE includes overcurrent, overvoltage, and overheating protection to ensure safe and reliable operation. Additionally, it features built-in fault detection mechanisms to quickly identify and address any issues that may arise.

Product Specifications Table

Attribute Specifications
Series Sigma II series
Power Supply 200V AC
Output Power 2.0 kW
Frequency Response 1 kHz
Communication Protocols MECHATROLINK-II
Control Modes Position, speed, and torque control
Protection Features Overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating
Interface I/O connector for external devices
Standards Compliance CE and UL certified
Manufacturer Yaskawa

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