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The Best Servo Motors for Industrial Automation

March 06, 2023 Brian Diver

A servo motor is a closed-loop system with an encoder to provide control feedback. By incorporating a control mechanism, the best servo motors can rotate into precise positions and hold those positions with a high degree of accuracy. In their advanced forms, they control angle, velocity, and acceleration.

This article will review different servo motor types and the top servo system parts manufacturers.

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AC & DC Servo Motors

The main difference between AC and DC servo motors is their inherent ability to control speed. With a DC motor, the speed is directly proportional to the supply voltage with a constant load. For an AC motor, speed is determined by the frequency of the applied voltage and the number of magnetic poles.

AC servo motors are commonly used in various industrial automation applications due to their precision, high-speed control, and reliability. These motors use alternating current (AC) to power the rotor and are typically smaller and more effective than direct current (DC) servo motors.

AC servo motors are highly accurate and easy to control. By only using electricity when in use, they produce less heat, are quieter, and provide more torque per weight. They are also smoother and more stable during operation and require less maintenance.

DC servo motors are typically used for applications that require adjustable speed with constant or low-speed and high torque. They are highly efficient but noisier and less stable. These motors need more maintenance since they have a commentator, a rotary electrical switch that reverses the direction of the current to keep them magnetized.

Some industries, like printing and textiles, use heavy-duty DC servo motors to withstand high temperatures and torque loads.

Positional Rotation, Continuous Rotation & Linear Servo Motors

Positional rotation, continuous rotation, and linear servo motors are commonly used in robotics and computer numerical control (CNC) machines that dominate the manufacturing industry.

  • Positional Rotation: Rotate 180° for speed and accuracy, with stops in place to prevent over-rotating.
  • Continuous Rotation: 360° rotation is ideal for robotic devices as there is no limit on the range of motion.
  • Linear: Change their output to linear motion.

Ultimately, the choice depends on the requirements of a specific application. It's always best to consult an expert to find the best servo motor for your application.

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Servo Motor Manufacturers

Now that you've been introduced to servo motors, let’s look at some companies that make high-quality servo motors for industrial applications.

Mitsubishi Servo Motors

Mitsubishi is a manufacturer of servo motors used in a variety of industrial automation applications. They are designed for high precision and high-speed control and are available in various sizes and power ratings.

These are compatible with various industrial control systems and can be integrated with other automation products, such as programmable controllers and human-machine interfaces.

Yaskawa Servo Motors

Yaskawa's servo motors are known for their exceptional reliability. Yaskawa offers various power ratings, frame sizes, and designs to fit specific application requirements.

Yaskawa also provides servo drives, controllers, and software to be used with their servo motors for advanced motion control solutions.

FANUC Servo Motors

The Fuji Automatic Numerical Control (FANUC) B Series is a line of AC servo motors produced by FANUC, a global leader in industrial automation products. These can be used in many applications, such as machine tools, robots, and material handling systems.

The FANUC B series motors are designed with FANUC's Alpha series servo drives and motion control systems. As one of the largest electronics parts suppliers worldwide, you can trust FANUC's comprehensive selection of high-quality servo system components.

Servo Motors From Other Manufacturers

Other reputable manufacturers make servo motors for automated operations and productive, efficient lines.

Although many high-quality and high-performing servo motors are available on the market, you should consult an industry expert to know which is the best for your application.

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Order the Best Servo Motors at Industrial Automation

Servo motors are used for numerous applications, including machining, packaging, textiles, and electronic equipment. Please discuss with a specialist in the field to determine the best servo motor for your purpose, and then find it online at Industrial Automation Co.

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