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Experience the reliability and high performance of an Allen-Bradley MicroLogix PLC from Industrial Automation Co. Whether you need a standalone solution or integration into simple distributed control systems, the MicroLogix PLC delivers exceptional compactness and energy efficiency, offering a compelling alternative to the CompactLogix family of PLCs. By using the ControlLogix framework shared by both controllers, you can seamlessly combine the strengths of these models to create a comprehensive automated solution. Don't wait, place your order today!
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Another advantage of ControlLogix is its use of a common programming environment, simplifying programming and configuration across different controllers and devices. This makes developing and managing programs across multiple devices easy, reducing the time and effort required to deploy new automation processes.

ControlLogix provides a high level of scalability, allowing you to expand your system as your application requirements change quickly. This means you can start with a MicroLogix PLC and add other controllers and devices to your system without completely overhauling your existing infrastructure.

By leveraging the benefits of this modular and scalable system, you can create a highly efficient and effective automation solution that meets the unique needs of your industrial application.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about MicroLogix controllers, don't worry. It's natural to want to know more about any product or component you buy. To help address some of the most common concerns we receive, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about PLCs and our processes.

All products under 20 lbs. qualify for free shipping. That includes PLCs like the MicroLogix 1400. Other shipping options, such as overnight and expedited shipping, may be selected depending on location and availability. Contact us at 1-877-PARTS-57 (1-877-727-8757) for further details.

PLCs control and monitor various automated processes and tasks, including controlling machines and industrial equipment, monitoring production processes, and collecting data for analysis. Programmable logic controllers are frequently used in automated manufacturing, process control, building automation, and transportation.

MicroLogix PLCs use RSLogix 5000, the same programming software as other Allen-Bradley controllers, for easy integration. RSLogix 5000 supports multiple programming languages, including Ladder Logic, Structural Text, Function Block Diagram, Sequential Function Chart, and Instruction List.

Ladder Logic is the most commonly used programming language for ControlLogix controllers due to its intuitive interface and ease of use. It is also the industry's most widely used programming language, so finding support and resources to help programmers when coding is more accessible.

The Benefits of Using MicroLogix PLCs

The Allen-Bradley MicroLogix PLC is a reliable and cost-effective solution offering various benefits for industrial automation systems. As high-performance PLCs, they provide several advantages over other comparable controllers.

  • Compact Size
  • Easy to Use
  • Cost-Effective
  • Modular Design
  • High Connectivity
  • Proven Technology

Comparing the MicroLogix and CompactLogix PLCs

The AB MicroLogix and CompactLogix are both families of programmable logic controllers. While they have many similarities, some key differences exist between these two families of controllers.

These PLCs are designed for small to medium-sized applications and simple control systems. They are compact in size, offer low power consumption, and are cost-effective. AB MicroLogix PLCs have a limited number of I/O modules, making them ideal for simple applications that do not require extensive I/O capabilities.

On the other hand, the CompactLogix family of PLCs is designed for medium to large applications and use in complex distributed control systems. They offer a more comprehensive range of I/O modules, communication options, and processing power, making them more capable than MicroLogix PLCs. CompactLogix controllers can also handle more complex applications and support more extensive data processing and analysis.

While MicroLogix and CompactLogix PLCs have different capabilities, they are both part of the ControlLogix ecosystem and can be used together in the same system. Both PLCs use the same software and programming tools, simplifying programming and maintenance across different controllers.

AC servo drives

PLC Maintenance Tips

PLCs are critical components of many industrial control systems, and ensuring their proper functioning is essential for maintaining operational efficiency and preventing downtime. Regular maintenance can extend the life of your PLC and reduce the risk of unexpected failures. By following these maintenance tips, you can help ensure the reliability and longevity of your PLC and minimize the risk of unplanned downtime.

  1. Keep the PLC Clean and Free of Debris
  2. Perform Regular Inspections and Replace Worn Components
  3. Check for Loose Connections and Wires
  4. Monitor the PLC's Temperature and Humidity Levels
  5. Back up Your PLC Programs
  6. Use Quality Components Such as Allen-Bradley MicroLogix PLCs

Order Replacement AB MicroLogix PLCs From Industrial Automation Co.

Industrial Automation Co. offers a wide range of Allen-Bradley MicroLogix PLCs to suit your industrial automation needs. Whether you need to replace a failed unit or upgrade to a newer model, we can provide a reliable and cost-effective solution.

Our experienced professionals can help you determine the exact model and specifications of the MicroLogix PLC you need and ensure that it is compatible with your existing control system and meets all requirements and specifications. We can also provide programming software and cables to transfer your existing PLC program and configuration to the new unit.

We offer a range of shipping options to guarantee the prompt delivery of your replacement MicroLogix PLC. You can choose the one that suits your needs best. Our packaging is designed to protect your PLC during shipping to minimize the risk of damage.

Committed to providing our customers with the highest quality PLC parts, products, and services, Industrial Automation Co. carries thousands of replacement automation components in our inventory. If you need a replacement PLC, contact us today to receive a quote and discuss options.

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