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Schneider Electric ATV312HU15N4

Schneider Electric Atv312Hu15N4

Schneider Electric ATV312HU15N4

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  • ATV312HU15N4
  • ALTIVAR 312
  • 3 PHASE
  • 2 HP
  • 480 VAC
  • 1.5 KW
  • 50/60 HZ

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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Schneider Electric ATV312HU15N4

The ATV312HU15N4 from Schneider Electric is a flexible variable speed drive (VSD) that provides precise motor speed and torque control, catering to various industrial and commercial needs.

Technical Specs of ATV312HU15N4:

The ATV312HU15N4 has a rated power of 1.5 kW (2 HP) and is appropriate for applications requiring moderate motor power.

The output voltage range of the VSD is 0 - 500 V AC, providing for fine control of motor voltage and speed. This allows for modification and adaptation to various motor specifications and application requirements.

The ATV312HU15N4 is designed with an IP20 enclosure rating to defend against solid objects greater than 12.5 mm in diameter. This ensures the driver's safety and durability in typical industrial situations with little exposure to dust and debris.

The VSD is built exclusively for three-phase asynchronous motors and provides fine control over motor speed, torque, and acceleration.

Because of its high overload capacity, it can withstand an overload of 150% of the rated current for 60 seconds and 200% of the rated current for 0.5 seconds. This feature protects the motor and provides reliable performance in high-demand conditions.

It contains advanced motor control algorithms such as Flux Vector Control (FVC) and/or Sensor-less Flux Vector Control (SFVC). These algorithms improve motor performance by managing motor speed, torque, and acceleration precisely.

They have a high dynamic response, allowing the VSD to swiftly adapt to changing load circumstances while maintaining smooth and precise motor control.

Communication Protocols:

The Schneider Electric ATV312HU15N4 variable speed drive (VSD) supports numerous communication protocols, allowing for easy integration into industrial control systems. This allows for quick data transmission, remote monitoring, and parameter tweaking, boosting the drive's overall performance and control.

Modbus, a commonly used protocol in industrial automation, is one of the supported communication protocols. Modbus compatibility allows the VSD to communicate with other Modbus-compatible devices, such as PLCs, HMI panels, and SCADA systems. This promotes the interchange of data and commands between devices and provides for easy integration into existing automation architectures.

CANopen is another supported protocol that is extensively used in machine control and automation applications. The model can connect with other CANopen devices on a network since it supports CANopen. This allows for the coordinated and synchronized control of various devices, which improves system performance and flexibility.

Furthermore, the ATV312HU15N4 includes optional Modbus TCP/IP capability, allowing communication via Ethernet networks. Modbus TCP/IP enables users to remotely access and control the VSD via TCP/IP-based protocols.

This feature improves connectivity and allows for easy remote monitoring and parameter change of the drive, making it ideal for applications requiring remote management.

Profibus is a Fieldbus protocol that is commonly used in industrial automation to provide effective communication between devices in a network. The ATV312HU15N4 VSD's Profibus compatibility allows it to smoothly interact with other Profibus-enabled devices such as PLCs, remote I/O modules, and process instruments.

Within a Profibus network, this enables quicker data sharing, coordinated control, and improved system integration.

EtherNet/IP is another communication protocol supported by the ATV312HU15N4. EtherNet/IP is a popular Ethernet-based protocol for real-time control and data transmission in industrial applications.

The VSD incorporates EtherNet/IP compatibility, allowing it to interface with other EtherNet/IP-enabled devices such as PLCs, HMIs, and other networked devices. This allows for efficient and dependable data sharing, as well as remote monitoring and control of an Ethernet network architecture.