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Schneider Electric 140CPU43412A

Schneider Electric 140Cpu43412A

Schneider Electric 140CPU43412A

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  • The Schneider Electric 140CPU43412A is a single-slot PLC designed to provide reliable and precise control. It features an expandable architecture, with up to 8 KB of Micro Memory and over 256 I/O points. This energy-efficient PLC is ideal for demanding industrial applications, providing users with reliable and versatile performance.

  • 2 MODBUS RS232
  • 0.1-0.5 MS LL984

All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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Schneider Electric 140CPU43412A

This cutting-edge CPU module 140CPU43412A is optimized for various applications. Offering two RS232 Modbus ports and one plus port, the model has an impressive current requirement of 1250 mA while weighing in at just 0.85 kilograms.

Technical Description of 140CPU43412A:

The model 140CPU43412A is equipped with a Lithium battery that offers long-term reliability: The power source has impressive efficiencies of 7 µA and 210 µA. It guarantees a service life of 1.2 Ah over its shelf span of 10 years.

The Quantum system boasts a powerful CPU module 140CPU43412A on its local I/O backplane. This digital electronic system executes user instructions stored in its programmable memory, providing efficient control over local, remote, and distributed I/O operations.

This model 140CPU43412A allows for substantial power dissipation and ladder logic capacity, boasting a maximum of 64 K words. It also boasts an exceptional discrete capability with both input and output at the same amount of 64 K words. And its register capacity is exponentially larger than external registers, packing 57 internal word slots contrasted to 96K external ones.

This model 140CPU43412A boasts 896 kb internal RAM and a 250 ms watchdog timer and operates at a clock rate of 66 Mhz. Unfortunately, there is no mathematical coprocessor available with this device.

Ambient Conditions:

The 140CPU43412A CPU module can function optimally at altitudes up to 5000 meters, enabling diverse operating environments. It can withstand temperatures of 0-60° Celsius for reliable performance in any condition.

Proper disposal of this product is essential to maintain environmental sustainability. This model 140CPU43412A, compliant with EU RoHS Directive and free from mercury, must be taken to designated waste collection points for safe elimination.

General Information:

The slide switch of the model allows you to pick from three distinct settings for your Modbus (RS232) port. The initial choice assigns ASCII functionality at its highest setting.

By adjusting the switch to its middle position, remote terminal unit (RTU) operation can be enabled for this port. Alternatively, by flipping it down, you can configure comm parameters in the software and use that as a third option.

In bridge mode, the CPU hardware allows a panel device connected to its Modbus port to communicate freely and access nodes on the network. It enables controllers linked through this CPU's ports to seamlessly verify information between one another while logging into various node devices around the system.

The 140CPU43412A model possesses 1435 KB of Flash EPROM memory, allowing it to store any program and variable values you set for the next power-up. Just use the PLC MEM switch on the processor's front panel to select your desired operating mode when using it again.

Standard Safety Instructions:

This model 140CPU43412A is designed to regulate numerous industrial processes. Do not operate machinery without an appropriate point-of-operation guard, as it can cause serious harm.

To gain optimal performance from the product, it is important to use the model in a dry area away from direct sun exposure. By following this simple tip, you can ensure that you get proper usage out of every time.

Qualified personnel should handle all aspects of the 140CPU43412A model's implementation, operation, and maintenance. The company disclaims liability for any resulting outcomes from using this analog module.