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Schneider Electric 140DAO84000

Schneider Electric 140Dao84000

Schneider Electric 140DAO84000

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  • 140DAO84000
  • 16OUTPUT 20-253VAC
  • OUTPUT 24-230VAC
  • 16X1

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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Schneider Electric 140DAO84000

The AC discrete output module 140DAO84000 is a product of Schneider Electric's Modicon Quantum automation platform. The company designed and manufactured it to cater to a diverse range of automation needs, emphasizing reliability and efficiency at every step.

The advanced model 140DAO84000 boasts 16 outputs, each with its channel. Under heavy loads, this powerhouse can handle surge currents of up to 30 A, easily delivering top-tier performance. Whether you require 3, 2, or just one cycle per point, this model can handle the job precisely and efficiently.

Technical Specification of 140DAO84000:

The voltage range of the model 140DAO84000 falls between 20 to 253 volts AC, with a supply frequency requirement of 47 to 63 hertz. When referring to the model, use just one output word. Please note that the maximum output should not exceed 300 volts rms for 10 seconds when using AC.

The I/O module 140DAO84000 in question freely accommodates wire polarity. However, when it comes to wiring the field, it's best to stick with a wire size no larger than 1-14 AWG or 2-16 AWG. The minimum size, on the other hand, should be at least 20 AWG to ensure optimal performance.

The model's capacity is impressive, with a maximum load current of 1 mA achievable even at the high voltages of 24 and 48 Vrms off-state leakage. Furthermore, it can handle a hefty two mA load current at 115 Vrms off-state leakage per output, making it a powerhouse among comparable models.

The 140DAO84000 AC discrete output module boasts swift response times, taking just 0.75 to 4.9 milliseconds from off to on and 7.3 to 12.3 milliseconds to switch from on to off. Additionally, it comes equipped with an RC filter to ensure internal protection against dangerous voltage spikes and short circuits.

The product boasts impressive features with a power dissipation of 1.85 W and a weight of just 0.485 kilograms. Additionally, it is equipped with a CE marking and has an associated fuse rating of 5A, ensuring its safety and reliability.

The 140DAO84000 device boasts an impressive operating capacity of 350 amps, with 18 LEDs incorporated into its design. One glowing green light is a beacon for active bus communication, while a blazing red LED signals potentially hazardous external malfunctions. Additionally, 16 verdant LEDs provide the user with a clear snapshot of the device's input status.

Standard Start-Up and Testing Instructions:

To ensure proper equipment functionality, proficient personnel must conduct a start-up test before regular use of the module post-installation. This step guarantees the system's smooth operation and paves the way for uninterrupted usage.

To ensure a thorough and accurate evaluation, it is crucial to make timely arrangements for testing and allocate sufficient time for a comprehensive examination. This critical step is necessary to ensure adequate results and potential consequences.

Before commencing operational tests on the AC discrete output module (140DAO84000), diligently completing all installation and setup procedures is imperative. Removing all blocks or other temporary holding means to ship component devices is vital to avoid any mishap during the operation. Remove any tools, meters, and debris from the equipment to ensure smooth functioning.