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Schneider Electric 140DDO84300

Schneider Electric 140Ddo84300

Schneider Electric 140DDO84300

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  • 140DDO84300
  • DC
  • 10 TO 60 V DC
  • 2 X 8 SOURCE

All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.

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Buying Options

All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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Schneider Electric 140DDO84300

The DC discrete output module 140DDO84300 is versatile in diverse industrial and commercial contexts. It offers superb performance with dependable reliability, enabling accurate data delivery to its intended applications.

This model 140DDO84300 is configured with a maximum current of 160A and 18 LED lighting indicators. One green LED indicates the bus communication status, another red one signals an external fault detected, while 16 more LEDs in green signify input statuses.

Technical Specification of 140DDO84300:

The DC Output 2 x 8 Source module efficiently powers loads up to a range of 10-60V and switches between various power supplies. This efficient source module allows users to mix external power stores on any shared output while maintaining the connection with 0 volts.

The model 140DDO84300 boasts an impressive sixteen discrete outputs and two sets of eight channels for optimal use. Not only does it provide up to 7.5 A surge current within a mere 50 ms, but its power dissipation is just 1 W plus the voltage multiplied by the total module load current €“ all while utilizing low-weight design components.

The module is engineered to ignore polarity differences, allowing for greater flexibility in field wiring. For a secure installation, make sure that the wire sizes are not larger than 1-14 AWG or 2-16 AWG and not smaller than 20 AWG.

The DC output module 140DDO84300 utilizes a strong electrical configuration, with a maximum load current of 2 A per module and 6 A per group. Additionally, it offers exceptional isolation levels €“ 700 Vrms between groups for the one-minute duration and 2500 Vrms separation from bus to groups in the same time frame.

With extraordinary responsiveness and efficient protection, the model boasts a lightning-quick response time of 1 ms between off-to-on states and from on to off. Each group includes an 8 A fuse to safeguard against excessive voltages or short circuits.

The 140DDO84300 discrete output module offers a wide and varied operational voltage range between 10.2 - 72 V AC at 47- 63 Hz frequencies. It requires one output word for addressing purposes with an absolute maximum DC output of up to 72 V.

Directions for Standard Start-Up and Testing:

Before using the module for regular operation, a start-up test must be conducted by certified personnel. It will ensure correct system function and allow adequate time for comprehensive testing.

To use model 140DDO84300, complete all installation and setup steps beforehand. To ensure proper device operation during testing, remove any objects such as blocks or temporary mounting parts used for transportation from its components. Additionally, eliminate tools items like meters and clutter surrounding equipment before starting operations.

Important Safety Guidelines:

The control system design and programming expertise are essential to utilize this product properly. Therefore, only experienced people should handle the product by installing, altering, or applying it.

To ensure electrical control and automation systems are operating properly, all newly installed equipment should be given a thorough start-up test by knowledgeable personnel. This necessity helps assure that the system is ready to function as intended in its regular capacity.

To ensure proper operation, only those adjustments necessary for the operator to complete their tasks should be accessible, and all other changes in operating characteristics are prohibited.