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Schneider Electric ATV312HU11N4

Schneider Electric Atv312Hu11N4

Schneider Electric ATV312HU11N4

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  • ATV312HU11N4
  • 1.1KW
  • 1.5HP
  • 50/60 HZ

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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Schneider Electric ATV312HU11N4

The Schneider Electric ATV312HU11N4, belonging to the renowned Altivar 312 series of variable speed drives (VSDs), redefines motor control capabilities. With its precise torque regulation, this versatile VSD is ideally suited for pumps, fans, and numerous HVAC applications.

General Specifications of the Drive:

This VSD, which has a power rating of 1.1 kW (1.5 HP), is intended to provide accurate control over motor speed and torque for various industrial and commercial applications.

The ATV312HU11N4 operates within an input voltage range of 380 - 500 V AC, ensuring compatibility with standard electrical systems in this voltage range. It has a variable output voltage range of 0 to 500 V AC, allowing for fine control of motor performance and ensuring optimal operation in a variety of applications.

The VSD has built-in safety functions to ensure safe operation and the protection of employees and equipment.

Motor phase loss detection, short circuit protection, overvoltage/under-voltage protection, and motor stall prevention are examples of these functions. The ATV312HU11N4 has several safety features to assist in mitigating potential dangers and provide a secure operating environment.

Advanced Features:

The Schneider Electric ATV312HU11N4 variable speed drive (VSD) includes a number of innovative features that improve operation and performance.

One remarkable feature is the VSD's ability to auto-tune motor parameters upon starting. This ensures correct motor control without the need for manual parameter change, which simplifies installation and setup.

The ATV312HU11N4 also supports Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) control, which is an advanced function. PID control is an advanced algorithm that precisely regulates a process variable.

The VSD can automatically modify motor speed based on sensor feedback with PID control, ensuring tight control over variables such as pressure, flow, and temperature in industrial operations.

Another notable feature of the ATV312HU11N4 is its energy-saving mode. This mode enables the VSD to run more efficiently by automatically altering motor speed and power usage based on actual load requirements.

This VSD helps minimize energy expenditures and improve overall energy efficiency by optimizing energy usage, making it a sustainable solution for various applications.

Braking Functionality:

The Schneider Electric ATV312HU11N4 variable speed drive (VSD) features enhanced braking functionality to enable precise motor control and safe operation. The braking feature provides more efficient deceleration management, improving the VSD's performance in situations that demand controlled halting or braking.

When the motor decelerates and surplus energy is created, dynamic braking is used. This extra energy is converted into heat by the VSD and dissipated via a dynamic brake resistor. Dynamic braking ensures swift and controlled stopping by properly regulating the energy created during deceleration, reducing overshooting and offering improved control over motor speed.

Regenerative braking, on the other hand, occurs when the motor slows and returns energy to the power supply system.

The VSD catches the created energy and feeds it back to the power source in this mode, reducing energy waste and enhancing total energy efficiency. Regenerative braking is very effective in applications that prioritize energy conservation.

Both dynamic and regenerative braking contributes to the ATV312HU11N4's safe and efficient running. These brake capabilities not only increase control over motor speed and stopping, but they also aid in the prevention of motor damage caused by excessive deceleration.

The VSD enables smooth and regulated operations by carefully regulating the energy generated during deceleration, saving wear and tear on the motor and increasing its lifespan.