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FANUC A06B-6096-H104

Fanuc A06B-6096-H104

FANUC A06B-6096-H104

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All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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FANUC A06B-6096-H104

The FANUC A06B-6096-H104 servo amplifier module model SVM1-40L is a single-axis α servo amplifier suitable for 12/2000(40L) servo motors. FANUC, a leading industrial automation and robotics equipment supplier, manufactures this product.

Technical Specifications of FANUC A06B-6096-H104:

The model FANUC A06B-6096-H104 is a part of the A06B-6093 series of AC Servo Drives, which is used for FANUC controls 15i, 16i, 18i, 20i, 21i, or above.

It has an integrated regenerative circuit and a high-performance DSP (Digital Signal Processor) for accurate motor control and increased energy efficiency. The external dimensions of FANUC A06B-6096-H104 is (380mm x 60mm x 307mm) and Its weight is 4.8 kg.

The model requires input voltage of 283-325V (DC 3.75kW) and has a maximum output voltage of 230V AC. The rated output current for the model is 12.5Amp on the L axis with a nominal current limit of 40A.

The FANUC A06B-6096-H104 servo amplifier can deliver high levels of torque and power to the servo motor it controls. With a rated output of 15 kW and a maximum output of 22 kW, it can provide significant power to the motor, allowing it to perform a wide range of tasks in industrial applications.

Real-time adaptive tuning is one of the special features of the FANUC A06B-6096-H104 servo amplifier module. The module can continuously monitor the motor's performance and change its control parameters in real time.

This function enables more accurate and effective servo motor control under various operating situations, enhancing productivity and decreasing downtime.

Operating and Environmental Conditions:

The FANUC A06B-6096-H104 servo amplifier is designed to operate under certain conditions to ensure reliable and safe operation.

To function, the servo amplifier needs a 200€“230V AC, 3-phase power source. The power supply must be steady and devoid of excessive fluctuations to ensure dependable functioning. Any alterations or instability in the power supply can impact the effectiveness and durability of the amplifier.

The model FANUC A06B-6096-H104 requires various environmental conditions to function properly. During operation, the unit's ambient temperature must be between 0 to +55 degrees Celsius. Moreover, the ambient temperature should be between -20 to +60 degrees Celsius at the keeping and transportation of the unit.

Normally, less than 90% relative humidity or a non-condensing environment is feasible for the unit to function appropriately. The servo amplifier operates at altitudes of up to 1000 meters above sea level.

To avoid harming the amplifier's internal components, it's crucial to safeguard it from severe vibration and shock. Utilize appropriate shielding and grounding procedures to reduce the impacts of electromagnetic interference from other nearby equipment.

Installation of the Model:

Ensure the installation location for the FANUC A06B-6096-H104 Servo Amplifier Module is dry, well-ventilated, and free from dust, dirt, and other contaminants that may cause damage to the internal components.

It should be mounted steadily to prevent excessive vibration or shock. The mounting surface needs to be level and flat to avoid putting any strain on the amplifier's internal components.

Install the power and control cables in a way that prevents interference or damage to the cables. Ground the FANUC A06B-6096-H104 servo amplifier using the ground terminal provided in the amplifier.

The installation process should be carried out by qualified personnel who are familiar with the installation procedures and safety precautions required for the servo amplifier.