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FANUC A06B-6079-H206

Fanuc A06B-6079-H206
Fanuc A06B-6079-H206

FANUC A06B-6079-H206

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  • 12.5 AMP
  • 2 AXIS
  • 230 VAC
  • CNC

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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Information on the FANUC A06B-6079-H206 Servo Drive

The A06B-6079-H206 is a dual-axis Alpha servo drive. It's just one example of our fantastic FANUC inventory, which includes the A06B-6096-H106 and A06B-6124-H109. This servo amplifier is usually fitted with a Model 12 Alpha servo motor.

Servo drive

Key Servo Drive Benefits and Features

This servo drive delivers superior acceleration and ultra-smooth rotation for compact, high-speed, precision machines. It is an energy-efficient component featuring power-source regeneration with low power-loss devices.

Servo Drive Amplifier Technical Specifications

The A06B-6079-H206 servo drive amplifier has a maximum output voltage of 230V, a rated input of 283-325V (5.3kW), and a rated output current of 12.5A on the L and M axes. It maintains accuracy and precision while significantly reducing cycle times.


This servo amplifier is designed for 0M, OT, 15, 16, 18, and 21 series controls on small to medium-sized CNC machines. It is well-suited for rotary axes and rotary tables on 5-axis machines.

Installation and Configuration

FANUC servo drives install quickly. This device features a Type A interface, which uses S1 jumpers. Incorrect settings can cause not-ready or high-current alarms.

servo amplifier

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FANUC A06B-6079-H206

The servo amplifier module A06B-6079-H206 offers superior versatility and adaptability for various applications. This series module amplifies signals to enhance speed and precision, providing the power output of a servo motor for superior motion control system operations. Working together with powerful acceleration capabilities allows for exact movements at rapid speeds.

Technical Description of A06B-6079-H206:

Leveraging industry-leading technology, this module A06B-6079-H206 features an innovative sine€“wave PWM control system for highly accurate current regulation. Designed with robustness and reliability, it assures optimal operation even under tough industrial conditions.

This A06B-6079-H206 model boasts an adjustable voltage range from 283-325 V, providing impressive power output capabilities of up to 5.3 kW. The model has powerful protective features to protect its system from potential damage. It includes current limiting, voltage regulation, and temperature control for optimal performance.

The robustly designed servo amplifier module offers an unparalleled output current of up to 12.5 A in both L-axis and M-axis directions, making it a suitable choice for numerous applications requiring high-performance requirements. Delivering such power is only possible by carefully sourcing top-tier components and meticulous attention to detail during production.

With its increased current capacity, the servo amplifier A06B-6079-H206 is an excellent choice for motion control applications in industrial automation. It can help ensure higher precision and accuracy - which are essential for successful processes.

By incorporating an IGBT bridge, the module A06B-6079-H206 provides lightning-fast switching and optimizes power conversion. Thus, users enjoy enhanced system efficiency with minimal losses in performance. The designers of this servo amplifier module have created resilient hardware and user-friendly software that simplifies setup and parameter management.

Standard Ambient Conditions:

The A06B-6079-H206 model is designed for cruising effortlessly and safely up to 1,000 meters above sea level without extra maintenance. It's imperative to store the module in a dry environment free of moisture and foreign material. Exposure can cause deterioration that affects efficiency levels.

To maintain optimal performance, it's important to adjust the output power when running this model at temperatures above 0 - 55°C, as exceeding that range can put undue stress on components and lead to overheating. The humidity in the operating and storage must also be within 95 percent.

To keep the A06B-6079-H206 model in perfect working condition, store it indoors and away from direct sunlight. Temperatures should remain between -20 °C and +60 °C for optimal performance over a longer period.

General Usage Instructions:

To avoid harming the machine and its operator, the module must remain free from electromagnetic interference. Avoiding such interferences is crucial, particularly when working near welding machines or other electrical devices, as they can cause dangerous malfunctions in the module.

It is essential to regularly inspect the servo amplifier module (A06B-6079-H206) for any signs of wear and tear, such as frayed cables or loose connections. A professional should immediately replace any faulty components to avoid any potential malfunctions.

It is crucial to use the correct power supply for the module and ensure it is grounded correctly. It is because an incorrect or unstable power supply can result in damage to the module or other machine components.