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FANUC A06B-6114-H207

Fanuc A06B-6114-H207
Fanuc A06B-6114-H207

FANUC A06B-6114-H207

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All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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FANUC A06B-6114-H207

The FANUC A06B-6114-H207 servo amplifier module provides powerful performance for various industrial applications. Its precision and accuracy make the SVM2-40/40i perfect for smooth, efficient motor control, all while utilizing the renowned AC series from FANUC motors.

Technical Specifications

The A06B-6114-H207 is made with advanced technology and has a compact and sturdy design. A high-speed serial interface on the servo amplifier allows for quick and easy communication between the servo amplifier and other devices.

The amplifier's rated input voltage is 200V, which can operate up to 240V. In both the L and M axes, it has a rated output current of 13A and a nominal current limit of 40A.

The total heat dissipation of the servo amplifier is 19W. The power rating of the amplifier is 2.7 kW. The servo amplifier module measures 350mm x 100mm x 305mm (13.78in x 3.94in x 12.01in) and weighs 9.2kg (20.28 lbs).

Operating Conditions

The A06B-6114-H207 servo amplifier module requires a stable, clean power source with a 200-240 VAC voltage input range. Input voltage fluctuations can cause damage to the module and connected equipment.

The servo amplifier module is designed to operate under specific conditions to ensure optimal performance and longevity. The module's recommended operating temperature range is 0°C to 55°C (32°F to 131°F), and the recommended humidity range is 5 percent to 95 percent (non-condensing). Ensure the amplifier is not in contact with any liquids or other sources of moisture.

The maximum allowable vibration is 0.5G. The amplifier should be used at elevations less than 1000m (3281ft) above sea level. The reduced air pressure at higher altitudes can affect the amplifier's performance.

Installation and Transportation

The installation of A06B-6114-H207 should be performed by a qualified technician familiar with the module's installation and operation. Ensure the module's specifications are compatible with the power source and AC servo motor to be connected.

To avoid overheating, the module should be mounted securely and in a well-ventilated area. Make sure the module is properly grounded to avoid electrical shock or damage. Disconnect all power and input/output connections before transporting the amplifier to avoid damage during transit.

While transporting the module, use the original packaging or a suitable container that provides adequate protection against shock, vibration, and moisture. Handle the module carefully and protect it from any impact or shock during transport. During transportation, the temperature must be between -20 and 60°C.

Safety Precautions

Installing the module requires a well-qualified technician familiar with its operation. Ensure that the power source and AC servo motor correspond to specifications for optimal performance. Adequate ventilation and proper system grounding are necessary €” improper installation can result in electrical shock or damage.


Before working on the amplifier, always turn off the power and discharge the capacitors. When working on the amplifier, use appropriate safety equipment, such as rubber gloves and safety glasses. Turn off the amplifier and disconnect the power before starting maintenance or repair work.

During operation, the module generates heat, which, if not properly managed, can result in a fire. Install the amplifier in a well-ventilated area, away from flammable materials. Check the amplifier's temperature regularly to ensure it is not overheating.

During transport, protect against shock, vibration, and exposure to temperatures outside -20°C to 60°C by using appropriate packaging materials or an equally secure container; mishandling could lead to permanent malfunction!