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Allen-Bradley 5069-L330ERMS2

Allen-Bradley 5069-L330ERMS2

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Allen-Bradley 5069-L330ERMS2

The Allen-Bradley 5069-L330ERMS2 controller belongs to the Compact GuardLogix 5380 SIL 2 series. It stands out as a reliable and versatile solution for safety-critical automation tasks, combining robust network capabilities, extensive memory, and comprehensive programming support to meet the stringent demands of modern industrial applications.

Technical details:

The Allen-Bradley 5069-L330ERMS2 has specific voltage and current ratings. The MOD Power and SA Power have 0-32V DC and 0-240V AC voltage ratings.

In terms of current ratings, both the MOD Power and SA Power are limited to a maximum of 10 amps. To avoid potential issues, it is essential to ensure that the current draw at the MOD power RTB and SA power RTB does not exceed 10 amps.

Supporting a wide range of Ethernet network configurations, including star, linear, and Device Level Ring topologies, this controller offers versatility in network integration. It features dual Ethernet ports capable of communication speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps, ensuring reliable data transfer and connectivity across industrial networks.

Physically, the Allen-Bradley 5069-L330ERMS2 is compact, with dimensions of 143.97 x 98.10 x 136.81 mm (5.67 x 3.86 x 5.39 in.), making it suitable for installation in space-constrained environments typical of industrial settings.

Communication Protocol:

In terms of functionality, the controller excels with its capability to handle up to 32 concurrent tasks, including 31 standard tasks and one dedicated safety task. It boasts a substantial memory capacity with 3 MB for application memory and an additional 1.5 MB dedicated to safety functions.

Moreover, the Allen-Bradley 5069-L330ERMS2 MS2 integrates seamlessly with Allen-Bradley's CIP drive axes, accommodating up to sixteen axes for precise motion control applications. The controller supports a maximum of 256 motion axes for applications requiring extensive motion capabilities, ensuring scalability for complex automation needs.

Equipped with one USB Type B 2.0 Full-Speed port alongside its dual Ethernet ports, the controller offers multiple device connectivity and programming interface options, supporting communication rates of up to 12 Mbps over USB.

Mounting and Installation Instructions:

Firstly, assess the installation location to ensure adequate space and accessibility for maintenance. Ensure the mounting surface is sturdy and can securely support the controller's weight.

Prepare the mounting surface by ensuring it is clean and free of any debris that could interfere with the mounting process or ventilation. Allow for sufficient clearance around the controller to facilitate air circulation and ease of cable management.

Securely mount the Allen-Bradley 5069-L330ERMS2 using appropriate mounting hardware, ensuring it is firmly attached to the mounting surface. Ensure the power source is stable and within the acceptable operating range to prevent voltage fluctuations affecting controller performance.

For Ethernet connectivity, utilize the dual Ethernet ports provided on the controller. Choose the appropriate Ethernet cables and connectors suitable for industrial environments, ensuring they are securely connected to prevent intermittent connectivity issues.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What frequency range does the Allen-Bradley 5069-L330ERMS2 MS2 operate within?

The Allen-Bradley 5069-L330ERMS2 MS2 operates within a frequency range of 47-63 Hz. This range ensures compatibility with most industrial power supplies.

How many Ethernet nodes does the Allen-Bradley 5069-L330ERMS2 controller support?

The Allen-Bradley 5069-L330ERMS2 MS2 supports up to 60 Ethernet nodes, facilitating extensive network configurations necessary for large-scale automation systems.

How much does the Allen-Bradley 5069-L330ERMS2 weigh?

The Allen-Bradley 5069-L330ERMS2 weighs approximately 0.768 kg (1.693 lbs). This makes it relatively lightweight and easy to handle during installation.

Product Specifications Table

Attribute Specifications
Series GuardLogix 5380 SIL 2
Voltage 0-240V AC
Dimensions 5.67 x 3.86 x 5.39 in
Communication Interface Ethernet/IP devices
Software Compatibility Studio 5000 Logix
Operating frequency 47-63 Hz
Ethernet nodes 60
Weight 0.768 kg
Mounting type DIN rail
Product Status Active

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