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Mitsubishi FX1N-40MT-ES/UL

Mitsubishi Fx1N-40Mt-Es/ul

Mitsubishi FX1N-40MT-ES/UL

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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The highly-advanced FX1N-40MT-ES/UL model from Mitsubishi features world-class substrate coating and the latest high-speed Processor, providing improved control performance and processing power for efficient operation across a range of applications. This programmable logic controller (FX1N-40MT-ES/UL) can be configured to carry out user-supplied internal programs to detect various inputs and generate outputs as programmed by its operator.

Technical Information of FX1N-40MT-ES/UL:

The superior programmable model FX1N-40MT-ES/UL offers an impressive storage potential, with 7128 general data points and 872 latched registers. Its performance is no less remarkable - basic instructions are executed within the blink of an eye (0.55 to 0.7 microseconds), while applied operations take between 1.65 microseconds up to a full 100 milliseconds. The timer module also caters to more complex requirements; it features 10-millisecond and 100-millisecond intervals, meeting operation needs from 0 seconds up to 3276.7 seconds.

This model of the programmable controller (FX1N-40MT-ES/UL) is equipped with two types of counters to handle any changes in the manufacturing line speed. It has 16-bit C Counters outfitted with 16 general points and 184 latched points, plus 32-bit C Counters stocked with 20 and 16 latched ones. Adding Pointers allows 128 CALL use points alongside 6 interrupt ones, resulting in an improved response rate for maintaining a steady output supply while upholding product quality standards.

1,792 points for M coils are available on the advanced programmable controller model FX1N-40MT-ES/UL. These points are broken down into 384 general points (M0 to M383), 1152 latching relays (M384 to M1535), and 256 unique relay coils for auxiliary purposes. In addition, the programming capabilities have been enhanced to provide 1000 latched S coil outputs in addition to ten initial state output values. These outputs can be programmed using symbolic language or stepladder logic for up to 8000 steps, and EEPROM memory support is included.

Software Requirement for FX1N-40MT-ES/UL:

The FX1N-40MT-ES/UL model provides users with a plethora of programming possibilities and options for peripheral devices. Users need to update their software and hardware tools to support versions 3.30 or above to get the full benefit; however, upgrades are not necessary to maintain the same level of performance as version 3.30's CPU specifications.

General Instructions:

Timely execution of operations can be complex, especially when synchronizing with a secondary control system. Adjusting the programmable logic controller's scan rate is often an effective solution to this issue; however, it must be noted that its duration may differ from one operation cycle and another due to changing command loads in quantity and complexity.

Software operation could be significantly disrupted if instances of dual coiling are missed, potentially resulting in irreversible damage. To avoid this situation and its associated risks, always verify that the two coils match correctly to reduce ambiguity. This innovative PLC model, the FX1N-40MT-ES/UL, provides abundant connectivity possibilities. It allows for a myriad of serial and parallel connections that can be utilized even when power has been cut off - thanks to energy-efficient battery-powered devices! Making it all the more remarkable is its ability to resume tasks exactly where they left, along with no loss in data or operations after a disruption.