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Mitsubishi MR-J2S-70CP-S084

Mitsubishi Mr-J2S-70Cp-S084

Mitsubishi MR-J2S-70CP-S084

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  • MRJ2S70CPS084
  • 750W
  • 200V
  • 50/60HZ
  • SERVO AMPLIFIER 3.8AMP 3PH 200-230VAC 50/60HZ 750W

All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.

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Buying Options

All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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Taking a Closer Look at the Mitsubishi MR-J2S-70CP-S084

The MR-J2S-70CP-S084 is an all-around AC servo amplifier with integrated positioning capabilities for a single axis. To establish a program-free, straightforward positioning system or to streamline operations, the MR-J2S-70CP-S084 servo amplifier is the best choice. The model comes standard with 3 points of point tables, but this may expand to 31 points with the help of the servo configuration software.

Three unique modes of operation are available for the MR-J2S-70CP-S084 servo amplifier: automatic operation, manual operation, and manual home position return. The model includes a built-in dynamic brake and weighs 1.7 kg, and the dynamic brake has an inertia-to-load ratio of 30.

The single-phase supply voltage is 230 VAC, whereas the three-phase supply voltage ranges from 200 to 230 VAC. The input voltage frequency should be between 50 and 60 Hz. Two command input methods —point table number input and position data input — are included in the Mitsubishi MR-J2S-70CP-S084 model.

This model MR-J2S-70CP-S084 has a power supply capacity of 1.3 kVA for both the HC-KFS73 and HC-MFS73 servo motors. The model permits voltage changes between 170 and 253 VAC for three-phase and 207 and 253 VAC for single-phase. A thermal electronic relay is included in the servo amplifier to prevent overloading.

Mitsubishi MR-J2S-70CP-S084

Installation and Ideal Operating Conditions of the Mitsubishi MR-J2S-70CP-S084

The module must be stored in a dry environment with a maximum relative humidity of 90% and temperatures between -20 and +65 degrees Celsius (non-freezing). At altitudes up to 1,000 meters above sea level, the servo amplifier keeps performing at the same level. The poor protection category of the servo amplifier means that the amplifier should be installed in a control cabinet with a good protection rating. The MR-J2S-70CP-S084 servo amplifier and the control box should be installed with the required space between them.

It is recommended that the MR-J2S-70CP-S084 model be used in temperatures between 0 and +55 degrees Celsius (non-freezing), with a maximum relative humidity of 90%. The model must be used inside and not exposed to direct sunlight. Installation and operating areas should be free of dust, oil mist, and other reactive chemicals. The device is robust enough to withstand vibrations up to 5.9 m/s2 without suffering performance degradation. To keep the servo amplifier safe during operation, ensure no drill chips or wire scraps enter the control cabinet.

Software Specifications and Safety Precautions For Your Mitsubishi MR-J2S-70CP-S084

You can execute various tasks on a computer with the MR-J2S-70CP-S084 servo amplifier and the MR Configurator software (version MR2JW3-SETUP151E or higher). This software allows multiple file processing, diagnosis, and testing tasks.

Pentium® 133MHz, Pentium® 150MHz, Pentium® 300MHz, and higher CPUs are recommended for use with this software. The software will run on Windows XP and later versions and need 60MB of disk space to install.

mitsubishi mr-j2s-70cp-s084

General Safety Tips

Ensure that the MR-J2S-70CP-S084 servo amplifier is well-protected from unwanted particles — like screws, metal scraps, conductive materials, lubricant, and other flammable materials. Do not carry the amplifier by its front cover! There is a risk of the servo amplifier failing. Anyone working with the wiring of the Mitsubishi MR-J2S-70CP-S084 must be professionally trained. Before the servo motor and amplifier have been mounted, no wiring should be done.


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