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Mitsubishi MR-J2-200CT

Mitsubishi Mr-J2-200Ct

Mitsubishi MR-J2-200CT

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  • MRJ2200CT
  • B60213
  • 3 HP
  • 2 KW
  • 11 AMP
  • 200-230 VAC
  • 3 PHASE
  • CNC

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.

Learn More About the Mitsubishi MR-J2-200CT

The Mitsubishi MR-J2-200CT servo drive module is a servo amplifier with integrated positioning capabilities, which can be customized for systems ranging from a single axis to 32 axes. In the case of an alarm, emergency stop, or power outage, the Mitsubishi MR-J2-200CT servo amplifier's built-in dynamic brake can quickly stop the servo motor. Using this servo drive module, a simple, program-free positioning system can be established, or optimizations can be made to an existing system.

Mitsubishi MR-J2-200CT Servo Drive Module

MR-J2-200CT Technical Specifications

The Mitsubishi MR-J2-200CT weighs 4.4 kilograms and works on a three-phase voltage supply of 200 to 230 VAC. The frequency of the incoming voltage supply must be 50 to 60 Hz. The speed frequency response of this model is 250 Hz, and it is controlled via a sine-wave PWM signal.

The servo amplifier can be commanded to jog in a particular direction at a specific pace through a contact input or an RS-422 (232C) connection. Overcurrent cutoff, servo motor overheat protection, regenerative fault prevention, Undervoltage protection, Overspeed protection, and excessive error protection are some safety features integrated into the servo module.

The three-phase power supply's permissible voltage and frequency fluctuations are 170 to 253 VAC and +/- 5 percent, respectively. The power supply capacity of the MR-J2-200CT servo module is 2.1 KVA, the same as the HC-SF121 servo motor (the HC-UF152 servo motor is 2.5 KVA). Keep in mind that the power supply's capacity will change depending on the impedance of the supply itself.

Installing and Operating Your Mitsubishi MR-J2-200CT

There is no loss of efficiency while using the MR-J2-200CT servo amplifier at altitudes up to 1,000 meters above sea level. The device must be mounted vertically in an IP54-rated control cabinet because of its low protection category (IP00). The model is at its best between 0 and +55 degrees Celsius. Ensure there is no dust, oil mist, or other reactive chemicals in the area where installation and operation will occur. Getting the best performance and the least vibration from the MR-J2-200CT requires a qualified technician to install and operate the unit.

For multiple servo amplifier installations, provide at least 100 mm of space between the top of each servo amplifier and the inside of the control cabinet. Use a fan to ensure that the temperature within the box does not rise over the ambient temperature. When setting up the control cabinet in a dirty or dusty area, be sure to flush the air out of the area before placing the box. The optimal temperature range for storing the Mitsubishi MR-J2-200CT servo drive module is -20 to +65 °C, with a maximum relative humidity of 90%. (noncondensing).

mitsubishi mr-j2-200ct

Signals and Wiring Instructions

Avoid damaging, overstressing, loading, or pinching the wires that connect the Mitsubishi MR-J2-200CT servo amplifier's wiring to the motor. If you are using electronic equipment near the servo amplifier, a noise filter can help reduce the impact of electromagnetic interference. Ensure that the diode is connected in the proper direction. Disable the emergency stop and other safety features by inadvertently connecting the servo amplifier in the wrong orientation. The current via the external relays should be 80mA at most. If the current consumption of the interface is more than 80mA, external power must be supplied.


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