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Mitsubishi MR-J2-60CT

Mitsubishi Mr-J2-60Ct

Mitsubishi MR-J2-60CT

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  • MRJ260CT
  • 3.2 AMP
  • 0.6 KW
  • 200-230 VAC
  • 3 PHASE

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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MR-J2-60CT Servo Drive - Technical Product Description

MR-J2-60CT Servo Drive


The model MR-J2-60CT is a general-purpose AC servo drive module, also known as a servo amplifier, designed and developed by Mitsubishi. The servo drive has built-in positioning functions that can be configured from single-axis to 32-axis systems. The single-axis positioning system uses external I/O signals for communication purposes, whereas the RS-422 serial interface is used in the multi-drop operation. A nameplate containing the model number, drive capacity, output power, suitable power supply, and serial number is attached to the right side of the AC servo drive.

Technical Specifications

The servo amplifier (MR-J2-60CT) belongs to the MR-J2 series of Mitsubishi. It can operate on a 1-phase (230 VAC) or 3-phase (200 – 230 VAC) input voltage at the operating frequency of 50/60 Hz. The unit takes input power from L1, L2, and L3 terminals, whereas it delivers output power to the servo motor through U, V, and W terminals. The rated power output of this model is 600 W. This servo amplifier is suitable to operate the HA-FF63, HC-SF52, and HC-SF53 servo motors.

The heat generated by the MR-J2-60CT servo drive is 40 W (at rated toque) and 15 W (with servo off). To provide protection against overload, an electronic thermal relay is installed in the servo drive. The model comes with a 10 W built-in regenerative resistor to dissipate the excessive energy generated during braking. The SF1252 EMC filter with 38 mA leakage current is recommended for this servo amplifier. Only use company-recommended products for ideal performance. Consult the user manual for complete wiring and connections detail.

Ambient Operating and Installation Conditions

The MR-J2-60CT servo drive can operate ideally under the ambient temperature range of 0 to +55 °C. The ideal storage temperature for this module is -20 to +65 °C, under the maximum relative humidity of 90% (non-condensing). The servo amplifier can be installed at the maximum altitude of 1000 meters above sea level, without reducing rated efficiency.

Ensure that the installation area is free from dust, oil mist, and other reactive elements. Due to its low protection category (IP00), the MR-J2-60CT servo drive should be installed vertically into the closed control cabinet of at least IP54 protection. The unit weighs around 1.1 kg. During the installation of a single servo drive, leave adequate clearance at the sides (10 mm), top (40 mm), and bottom (40 mm) for sufficient airflow.

If you plan to install two or more servo drives in a control box, then make sure to leave the following minimum clearances; 100 mm at the top, 40 mm at the bottom, 30 mm at the sides, and 10 mm at the bottom in between the two modules. A fan must be installed to control the internal temperature of the control box.

MR-J2-60CT Servo Amplifier Parts and Software:

A lithium battery with approximately 10,000 hours of service life is placed in this module for absolute data backup. A seven-segment four-digit LED display is installed on the front panel of the servo unit to show the alarm number and operating status. For manual configuration, four keys (mode, up, down, and set) are provided at the bottom of the display. Several other parts of the MR-J2-60CT servo drive include I/O signal connectors (CN1A, CN1B), encoder connector (CN2), communication connector (CN3), terminal blocks (TE1, TE2, and PE), and charge lamp.

The servo amplifier can be configured using the Servo Configuration software on a personal computer. Configuration can be performed via communication functions (RS232C/RS422). You can find the complete configuration detail in the MR-J2-60CT user manual.

Additional Protective Functions:

The servo drive has several additional protective functions, such as the backlash function, software stroke limit, overcurrent shut-off, overheat protection, faults protection, and many more.

To avoid any inconvenience, go through the user manual in detail, and only qualified professionals are allowed to handle/operate this MR-J2-60CT servo drive.