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Mitsubishi FX3U-48MR-ES-A

Mitsubishi Fx3U-48Mr-Es

Mitsubishi FX3U-48MR-ES-A

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  • FX3U48MRES
  • 24 RELAY OUT
  • 100-240V AC POWER SUPPLY

All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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The FX3U-48MR-ES-A model, developed and manufactured by Mitsubishi, is an efficient programmable logic controller designed for various applications. It features an easy on/off switch, which can be activated or deactivated through the use of RUN or STOP instructions from any compatible input terminal device. With its high-performance capabilities, it provides reliable automation solutions with ease. The FX3U-48MR-ES-A controller is a model designed to optimize user operations through its capabilities of configuring commands, executing internal programs, and responding with both inputs and outputs in timely intervals.

Specifications of FX3U-48MR-ES-A (Technical)

The FX3U-48MR-ES-A is an efficient PLC with 24 relay outputs, 64K steps of RAM, a programmable flash cassette, and a clock feature. Its external power source must provide either 30 V DC or 240 V AC for reliable performance.

The model FX3U-48MR-ES-A boasts a powerful pulse catch capability, allowing it to record even the most nuanced signals. Furthermore, its impressive 2 Amp/point maximum resistance load and 80 VA inductive load place it at the top of its class for power handling capabilities. This FX3U-48MR-ES-A model can provide up to 384 connection points, including 256 local I/O and an additional 256 accessible over the CC-Link network—all with a minimum requirement of only 5V DC and 2mA load.

The FX3U-48MR-ES-A boasts an impressively swift transition time between the OFF and ON states, clocking in at a lightning-fast 10 milliseconds. Its advanced input interruption feature also enables external signals to trigger routines with a minimal delay of only 5 microseconds per state change.

This powerful PLC model (FX3U-48MR-ES-A) provides LED panel lights to show output operation when power is engaged clearly. Additionally, this versatile unit can include an optional display module for further enhanced efficiency and productivity. The display module holder enables users to easily mount the latter onto the panel, granting access to various functions. By altering contrast and time settings while also viewing PLC version numbers and fault codes with ease, this powerful tool allows for full control and transparency in each application setup.

Software for FX3U-48MR-ES-A

With specialized hardware and software, users can control their FX3U-48MR-ES-A PLC system from any location. The modem and RS232C extension board combination provide secure transmission of programs to the remote device, while GX Works2 or GX Developer programming software allows for modifications during live operations.

Generic Specifications of FX3U-48MR-ES-A

The infinitely versatile FX3U-48MR-ES-A is designed to stand up to extraordinary temperatures, ranging from subzero chill at -25 degrees centigrade all the way through an intense +70 degree centigrade environment. It also functions like a champ in varying humidity levels, making it perfect for any climate with relative moisture percentages between 5 and 95 percent when operating.

The FX3U-48MR-ES-A model offers remarkable shock resistance at a maximum acceleration of 147 m/s2 and action times as swift as 11 ms with 3 half sine pulses in each X, Y, and Z directions. The impressive dielectric withstands a voltage is 1.5 kV for one minute while the grounding class D ensures that its contact resistance stays within 100 ohms or less without common ground connections to other systems. To ensure optimal efficiency, this product (FX3U-48MR-ES-A) must be installed up to 2 km above sea level in an environment absent of any flammable gases or dust particles.