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Mitsubishi FX2N-80MT-ES/UL

Mitsubishi Fx2N-80Mt-Es/ul

Mitsubishi FX2N-80MT-ES/UL

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  • 85-264 VAC
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All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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The FX2N-80MT-ES/UL is a powerful, reliable programmable logic controller (PLC) from Mitsubishi that provides consistent control performance and fast reaction times. With the standard CPU equipped in this model FX2N-80MT-ES/UL, users can access two distinct programming languages relay symbolic language or step ladder to accomplish their desired preprogrammed sequence of actions across an array of application domains.

Technical Specifications of FX2N-80MT-ES/UL

The FX2N-80MT-ES/UL model programmable controller is a versatile solution for industrial automation, offering powerful capabilities within an easy-to-learn instruction set. With its standard programming capacity of 8,000 steps and the additional memory cassette option allowing expansion up to 16,000 steps, this system can easily tackle even more complex tasks with ease. The model is a versatile powerhouse, offering 3072 standard points and 2572 latched ones. It also possesses 256 special relay points with an impressive 20 fundamental sequence instructions, two step-ladder functions, and 125 applied instructions, giving it the ability to take on even complex tasks confidently.

The FX2N-80MT-ES/UL model offers incomparable performance with its precise array of 8,000 general points, 7,800 latching points, and 256 specialized data register points. This advanced system enables it to adapt to variables in the production line speed flawlessly, providing consistent results and guaranteeing high-quality products every time.

The highly efficient FX2N-80MT-ES/UL model operates at a power usage of only 0.75 kW and 400 V in three phases, utilizing batch processing to control its I/O commands with processing time ranging from 0.08 microseconds for basic instructions up to 100 microseconds for applied ones. Additionally, the state relay is equipped with 500 latched points and 10 beginning and 100 indicator points, allowing great flexibility in current operations or future application use cases.

FX2N-80MT-ES/UL (Main Components)

The programmable controller of the FX2N-80MT-ES/UL harnesses numerous state relays for digital conversion to their physical counterparts. This model offers a wide range of options, allowing users to identify constant decimal numbers with an allotted ‘K’ variable and assign 16 or 32 bits worth of data ranging from -32,768 to +2,147,483647, respectively. Hexadecimal constants are identifiable by the constant ‘H’ and may be implemented with appropriate instructions.

Pointers, found to the left of ladder program representations, serve as a guide for code executions. The FX2N-80MT-ES/UL contains auxiliary relays whose coils can only be energized through linked device contacts—much like output relay models do in programming operations.

Additional Technical Information of FX2N-80MT-ES/UL

The RUN terminal on the PLC FX2N-80MT-ES/UL is a central component for enabling and disabling operations. By applying electricity to this port, the system’s program will be executed in its RUN state; conversely, with no power present, it remains firmly halted via the STOP command. This external control allows the versatile activation of machine processes without complex configuration changes. The FX2N-80MT-ES/UL programmable controller model is designed with exacting precision, boasting an accuracy of 10 pulses per million.

It also has the extraordinary capability to be modified by writing a desired power interruption detection duration directly into its data register D8008 for reliable AC activation. Intelligent external control devices can be used to operate this programmable controller model (FX2N-80MT-ES/UL), switching it into RUN or STOP modes and monitoring its output devices. Equipment like computers, Mitsubishi DAU (data access units), and GOT (graphic operator terminals) fall into this category.