Mitsubishi FX2NC-4AD

Mitsubishi Fx2Nc-4Ad

Mitsubishi FX2NC-4AD

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  • FX2NC4AD
  • 10 V DC INPUT
  • 24 V DC OUTPUT

All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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The FX2NC-4AD is a versatile programmable controller called PLC for short. Users can configure the model to perform intricate operations with minimal effort and time by learning its easy instruction set. Its simple programming interface makes it ideal for almost any task that requires advanced automation capabilities. The FX2NC-4AD model is an incredibly efficient device, ideal for attaining uniformity on the production line. It acts swiftly to changes in speed and provides a reliable solution that guarantees items of high quality every time.

FX2NC-4AD Specifications

The FX2NC-4AD model is a top-of-the-line PLC, providing an extensive 8,000 general points and 7,800 latching points to ensure accurate operation. Its powerful CPU boasts high speeds for faster response times in various applications while consuming only 0.75kW at 400V three-phase voltage levels, guaranteeing precision with every cycle.

The flagship FX2NC-4AD model is a powerhouse of data processing, offering lightning-fast speed for basic instructions at an impressive 0.08 microseconds, with the capability to handle up to twenty sequences and two-step ladders as well. Applied instruction times range from just 1.52 - 100 milliseconds, ensuring maximum efficiency no matter what the task may be, all while supporting 125 applied commands.

This PLC FX2NC-4AD model has two programming languages relay symbolic language and step ladder. Step ladder coding is a great way for developers to create code in the SFC style quickly and efficiently!

The model I/O control method is an efficient batch processing technique with a wide range of capabilities. This particular FX2NC-4AD model comes integrated with 8,000 steps worth of programming space and can scale up to 16,000 when equipped with the additional memory cassette. Furthermore, it offers 3072 normal points and 2560 latched ones; 256 special points from auxiliary relays (M coils); 500 latched relays (S coil) plus 10 starting points and 100 annunciator functions for enhanced usability.

FX2NC-4AD Model Main Components

The FX2NC-4AD programmable controller enables users to connect and interact with their environment by simulating digital analogs. This model FX2NC-4AD includes auxiliary relays which are activated by contacts on connected devices, allowing for flexible output relay simulations. Further expandability is provided via several state relays in this system; a combination of NO/NC connections allows full exploitation of these useful features.

Pointers guide operations within the code and appear as “rungs” in a program’s ladder diagram. Allocating constant decimal values calls for the use of ‘K’, while that of hexadecimal figures requires ‘H’. With appropriate instructions, computers can interpret both -16-bit data ranging from -32,768 to +32,767 and 32-bit data ranging between –2147483648 to 2147483647.

Technical Instructions of FX2NC-4AD

The model FX2NC-4AD counters can store their status information even when switched off because the high-speed inputs are kept offline. As a result, once the power is turned back on, they can immediately resume counting from the point where it was cut off. Because of this capability, it can perform exceptionally well and reliably across a broad spectrum of applications.

The timing components of this programmable controller model (FX2NC-4AD) are accurate to within 10 pulses per million, ensuring the results are precise. It is possible to modify the power interruption detection period by writing the desired duration into the data register D8008 of the AC-powered unit.