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Mitsubishi MDS-B-SP-185

Mitsubishi Mds-B-Sp-185
Mitsubishi Mds-B-Sp-185
Mitsubishi Mds-B-Sp-185

Mitsubishi MDS-B-SP-185

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  • MDSBSP185
  • 18.5KW
  • 76AMP
  • 270-311VDC
  • 200-230VAC
  • CNC

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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The MDS-B-SP-185 servo drive unit by Mitsubishi is a powerful and versatile tool to improve the speed response, cutting performance and accuracy of several applicable servo motors. It features an advanced high-speed central processing unit capable of optimizing its controls for precise positioning control.

Technical Specification of MDS-B-SP-185:

The MDS-B-SP-185 model is an innovative, vibration-proof motor with a specialized power regenerative braking system. The model is engineered to withstand vibrations up to 4.90m/s2 in both the X and Y directions. Featuring state-of-the-art IGBT IPM sinusoidal wave PWM inverter circuitry, vector control digital close loop technology, and pulse generator speed feedback for superior functionality - this dynamic machine runs optimally within 35 to 6000 revolutions per minute range atop a 0.2 percent maximum speed variation rate.

The MDS-B-SP-185 features a high-performance serial connection speed command and is compatible with the powerful M500 Series CNC. With an advanced orientation system, operations are smoother than ever while delays significantly diminish – all in a single servo drive! Furthermore, its converter has been relocated to the power supply unit for added benefits such as reduced size and weight.

Ambient Conditions:

The MDS-B-SP-185 model must be operated in a temperature range between 0 and +55 degrees Celsius for optimal results. Relative humidity of up to 90 percent is permissible; however, any dew condensation should always be avoided as this may cause malfunctions or other issues. The working environment for this model requires strict adherence to safety guidelines: no corrosive gases, inflammable substances, oil mists, or dust are allowed, and direct sunlight exposure should also be prevented.

The MDS-B-SP-185 model can withstand a temperature variation of -15 to +70°C and maintain its performance when stored with relative humidity below 90 percent. Additionally, this device has been certified for use up to one thousand meters above sea level without significant loss in quality or capacity.

Special Functions:

The highly sophisticated MDS-B-SP-185 model has a special signal feature that detects when the motor speed has dropped below its zero detection threshold. This state-of-the-art system will activate and implement an immediate stop instruction if necessary. The model detects when its speed drops below the parameter SP020 (SDTS) threshold.

This Speed detection output will automatically turn on, whether commanded by a start or stop run instruction; once the motor's absolute value falls beneath SRN and SRI setpoints, SDT engages accordingly. After orientation, when the spindle position is within a specific range as governed by parameter SP004 (OINP), model MDS-B-SP-185 will activate its ORCF function.

General Usage Precautions:

The MDS-B-SP-185 controller guarantees optimized motor performance when powered by the rated input voltage of 200/220/230VAC. However, compromising efficiency can be expected if this varies and falls below 200 volts. To ensure consistent output quality for a wide range of voltages, PWM harmonic chopper technology is employed, which reduces noise levels during operation via leakage current regulation. A leakage breaker specifically for inverters should ensure optimal performance instead of conventional breakers.

Additionally, it's important to note that AM radio transmission signals may suffer interference from electromagnetic noise generated by motors and controllers such as the MDS-B-SP-185 model. To minimize this effect, radios must be separated sufficiently from these components; if possible, consider using an acoustic filter to maximize sound quality without distortions or interruptions caused by motor resonance frequencies.