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Mitsubishi MR-J3-10A

Mitsubishi Mr-J3-10A

Mitsubishi MR-J3-10A

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  • MRJ310A
  • 0.1 KW
  • 1-PHASE 200 VAC

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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The Mitsubishi MR-J3-10A is a remarkable servo drive from the J3 series to provide maximum efficiency. Combining its built-in dynamic brake and compatibility with single- and three-phase power sources (200-230 VAC), this drive delivers superior performance for high-precision applications.

The MR-J3-10A comes with safeguards to ensure reliable operation. These include an overcurrent cutoff, heat dissipation in the servo motor, and shields against excess voltage, speed, or errors.

Technical Specifications of MR-J3-10A:

The MR-J3-10A is a decent model featuring an impressive 1.1 A output current and 170 VAC 3-phase voltage rating as well as three distinct modes of operation: speed control mode, position control mode, or torque/position control. It even offers the unique ability to transition between these various types of controls while running operations without stopping.

The MR-J3-10A servo drive offers an impressive combination of power and flexibility, powered by a 30-watt source that can accommodate up to 5% frequency variations without compromising performance. And with the help of configuration software, users have further control over its positioning capabilities, able to fine-tune them for their specific needs.

The MR-J3-10A model's precision positioning is controlled by an error excess limited to a maximum of ±3 revolutions and an adjustable torque limit ranging from 0 to +10 VDC. This lightweight yet powerful servo motor leverages natural cooling techniques, making it capable of operation in extreme temperature environments.

The model offers a flexible torque control mode, with adjustable speed limits set by parameter setting or an external analog input from 0 to +/- 10 VDC. Its impressive speed command range encompasses analog signals of 1:1000 and internally generated commands up to 1:5000.

The professional-grade servo amplifier MR-J3-10A features a differential receiver and open collector capable of processing input pulse frequencies with remarkable speed. The high-performance sine wave PWM and current control systems are reliable in handling up to 1Mpps (differential receiver) for the former and 200 Kbps (open collector) for the latter.

Operating and Installation Ambiance Conditions:

The MR-J3-10A servo amplifier model provides inadequate protection from dust and water (IP00); thus, a robust IP54 control cabinet must be installed for superior safety. The professional installation allows the unit to operate at full capacity even in high altitudes up to 1,000 meters above sea level.

The MR-J3-10A servo drive optimally operates between -20 and +65 degrees Celsius, ensuring reliable performance in various environmental conditions. To ensure maximum efficiency for your system, protect the area from corrosive elements such as dust or oil mist; relative humidity should not exceed 90%, noncondensing.

Additional Functions:

The MR-J3-10A offers exceptional resonance suppression, allowing smooth and precise mechanical system operation. Its adjustable gain, depth, and width allow vibration control through frequency cutoff acceptance when the placement instruction is triggered. Gains can be set to reduce vibrations emerging from machine-side components, such as those felt at the end of a workpiece or even trembling in its base structure.

The advanced MR-J3-10A servo amplifier utilizes adaptive tuning technology to help prevent resonance in machines with ball screws and similar components. By gathering data on machine vibrations, the filter characteristics of the drive adjust within a specific range that supports effective torque command operation for smoother performance from your system.