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Mitsubishi QY80

Mitsubishi Qy80

Mitsubishi QY80

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  • QY80
  • 12-24 VDC
  • 0.5 AMP / POINT
  • 4 AMP / COMMON

All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.

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Buying Options

All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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The MITSUBISHI QY80 is an incredibly efficient source-type output module. Perfect for general-purpose usage and easy to connect via a cable with a 0.3 mm2 to 0.75 mm2 core diameter, the model features a lightweight construction of only .17 kg. An LED light will illuminate to detect any blown fuse within the module, signaling this change directly onto their CPU Module - providing effective protection against unforeseen faults or damage.

Technical Specifications of QY80:

The QY80 model isolation technique combines a photocoupler with a Zener diode surge suppressor, providing synchronous and asynchronous operations. The enhanced current capability allows the module to support up to 16 points when all are active while still maintaining an internal maximum operating current of 80 mA at 0.2 V typical voltage drop per point; under OFF conditions, leakage currents remain below 0.1 mA for optimal efficiency and efficacy in any system application requirements.

This reliable and durable model offers instantaneous operation with a reaction time of 1 millisecond between ON/OFF modes. It withstands altitudes up to 2000 meters, boasting an impressive insulation resistance at 10 Mohms and a dielectric voltage threshold of 560 VAC - ideal for challenging industrial environments.

The QY80 model is an easy-to-install solution featuring 16 inputs, a broad range of 12-24 VDC-rated input voltages, and 4 A maximum inrush current. Connection capabilities are enhanced by the 18-point terminal block with a 6.7 A unchangeable fuse for resilient protection against unwanted noise disturbances – 500 Vp-p voltage and 1-microsecond width immunity provided.

Configuring a QY80 model for optimal functioning entails that the common terminal has 16 connection points and an external power supply of 12 to 24 VDC with a 20 mA current capacity. The responsiveness of this system is sensitive to noise, so it should be taken into consideration when setting up the module.

General Precautions:

When powering up or operating the model, an unexpected surge of energy known as an "inrush current" can cause risk to the output module if based solely on average load currents. To avoid this potential danger, choose an output module with a higher maximum loading capacity than the inrush current associated with any connected timer or counter powered by a DC-DC converter.

In the event of an internal output circuit malfunction, built-in fuses safeguard external connections from potential harm. However, a fuse solution is necessary for more comprehensive protection as it ensures reliable security beyond normal short circuits.

Proper positioning is essential when installing a protective circuit in relation to a load or module. A distance of fifty centimeters or less ensures maximum effectiveness - any further, and the protection's ability becomes severely diminished. Additionally, it is critically important that you avoid direct contact with the module while powering on/off processes for your own safety.

Before any maintenance on the module (QY80), ensure that all external power supplies have been shut off. Only trained professionals with expertise in appropriate safety measures should manage this task to guarantee a safe and effective power supply replacement.

To ensure the smooth operation of the QY80 module, it has a protective film and specific tools for crimping or pressing external connectors. To guarantee a secure connection, all connectors must be soldered correctly.