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Mitsubishi MR-J2S-20A

Mitsubishi Mr-J2S-20A

Mitsubishi MR-J2S-20A

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  • MRJ2S20A
  • 200 WATT
  • 200 VAC

All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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The Mitsubishi servo drive MR-J2S-20A is a multifunctional tool capable of precise orchestration across three distinct control modes - position control, speed regulation, and torque optimization. This model presents an efficient solution for automation tasks requiring exact levels of accuracy.

This versatile MR-J2S-20A model is designed to handle abrupt changes in frequency, with a range of up to ±5%, while also requiring an optimal voltage supply between 200-230 VAC for three-phase power.

Technical Specifications of MR-J2S-20A:

This model MR-J2S-20A is carefully engineered with a precise current control system and dynamic brake, allowing users to adjust its motor's rotation speed and direction accurately. This model enhances user experience through superior placement accuracy by utilizing high-speed pulse trains in the process.

With the servo amplifier MR-J2S-20A, precisely controlling motion is made available through three distinct operational modes: position control, speed control, and torque control. Each offers levels of precision tailored to specific needs; for example, in the torque mode, a dynamic speed limit between 0-10 VDC can be set by parameter or external analog input.

This compact 0.7-kilogram model MR-J2S-20A features an array of protective measures - from Overcurrent shut-off to instantaneous power failure protection and beyond – designed with the highest safety standards in mind, safeguarding against a variety of potential issues for reliable performance.

The receiver and open collector on the model can handle considerable input. The frequency capacity of the differential receiver is 500 kpps, while that of the open collector is 200 kpps at its peak in position control mode.

Should you need to adjust analog or internal speed controls, they range from 1:2000 up to 1:5000, respectively - giving a wide operating window for any given application.

This model MR-J2S-20A encloses an advanced forced cooling system powered by a blower. For command inputs, it offers an impressive range of 0 to +/- 10 VDC for speed input and 0 to +/- 8 VDC for torque commands.

Operating and Installation Conditions:

To enable optimal operation, the model MR-J2S-20A must be installed vertically upright to prevent resonance. Due to delicate components, the assembly should only be completed by an experienced technician.

To protect against corrosion and rust, ensure that moisture levels do not exceed 90% relative humidity for both working and storage areas. The model's performance is optimized at temperatures between 0 and +55°C, with an extended storage range of -20 to +65°C.

To ensure the successful setup of a single servo amplifier, one must plan ahead and leave ample room (1 0mm from both sides, 40 mm above and below). Additionally, the control cabinet in which the amplifier installation takes place should meet IP requirements for optimal protection.

To ensure optimal performance of the servo amplifier while in its control cabinet, leave sufficient space between it and the top so that the system temperature remains comfortable.

General Cautions

It is not advisable to drastically alter the parameters of a servo amplifier's model MR-J2S-20A. A noise filter can effectively combat electromagnetic interference from other devices operating near it, thus diminishing any negative effects on the performance.

To ensure the servo drive MR-J2S-20A works correctly, all its wiring must be securely in place. Poor contact between wires and terminal blocks may lead to heat generation from insufficient contact; make sure cables are tightly bound with precision for an optimal connection.

To ensure optimal performance, servo amplifiers must be kept in pristine condition. Be sure to protect them from any corrosive substances like oil or screws, and steer clear of flammables altogether for safety purposes.