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FANUC A06B-6078-H211#H500

Fanuc A06B-6078-H211#500

FANUC A06B-6078-H211#H500

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  • 13.2KW 230VAC 48AMP
  • CNC

All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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FANUC A06B-6078-H211#H500

This spindle amplifier module A06B-6078-H211#H500 can integrate seamlessly with other systems, making it a great choice for expanding your existing setup. The 200-V input series can effectively power the spindle motor for optimal performance.

Technical Description of A06B-6078-H211#H500:

This model A06B-6078-H211#H500 takes advantage of velocity feedback driven by a pulse generator. With an impressive speed control range from 1:100 and precision adjustment to 0.1 percent maximum speed, this product offers reliable results with optimal function.

For optimal results when connecting just one spindle amplifier module to a power supply unit, ensure that the 30-minute rated output of your motor does not exceed the capacity capabilities of its associated power module.

Using a transistor PWM inverter, the servo amplifier A06B-6078-H211#H500 generates sufficient current to drive the motor. Unfortunately, this high-voltage environment produces an undesired side-effect: ground drift capacitance in critical components creates an intense leakage current throughout the power cable and surrounding circuitry.

This A06B-6078-H211#H500 model provides a powerful 13.2 kW of power within an impressive voltage range - from 283 V to 325 V, with a maximum output of 230 V. The model features a 48 A current rating, and its advanced sine-wave PWM control utilizes an IGBT transistor bridge to obtain remarkable power efficiency.

Ambient Conditions:

Installing the A06B-6078-H211#H500 model up to an altitude of 1,000 meters is possible without any special provisions. When operating at a higher elevation, ensure that temperature decreases by one degree Celsius for every 100-meter increase in height from 1000 m - this precautionary measure guarantees correct function and performance regardless of adverse conditions.

Operating the model beyond 55 °C could result in severe damage, so monitoring and adjusting output power levels as necessary is paramount. Keeping ambient temperatures between 0 - 55° C ensures optimal model performance for optimum results.

For optimal performance, keep the model A06B-6078-H211#H500 in a temperature-controlled environment between -20 °C and +60° C. Furthermore, store it away from dust-prone areas or direct sunlight to prevent any issues.

General Wiring Precautions:

Ensure the motor power cable is securely grounded by connecting its ground terminal to a designated point on the module's terminal block. Link this terminal and any metal frame grounding points directly to an appropriate frame ground. Finally, always remember to shut and secure the amplifier cover after wiring - leaving it open carries potential risks of electric shock.

To ensure optimal performance, only certified Technicians should install and handle the model A06B-6078-H211#H500. Take the necessary steps to guarantee that all audio devices and components are connected securely. Confirm the proper connection of the magnetic contactor and circuit breaker as well as any additional external equipment mounted on or near your amplifier.

Periodic inspection and daily amplifier maintenance should be a breeze. Before removing it, turn off the power and ensure the DC link charging LED does not light up. Then, mount it in a location that is easily accessible. Take care when handling it to avoid pinching your fingers between its components.

Improve the functioning of the A06B-6078-H211#H500 amplifier by ensuring a secure mount in its power magnetics cabinet. Even slight gaps between the cabinet and mounting surface can cause dust buildup, potentially impacting optimal performance.