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FANUC A06B-6124-H109

Fanuc A06B-6124-H109
Fanuc A06B-6124-H109

FANUC A06B-6124-H109

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All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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FANUC A06B-6124-H109

The FANUC A06B-6124-H109 servo amplifier module guarantees high performance and accuracy for CNC machines and industrial applications. This precision control system ensures repeatable movements with exacting detail, making it ideal for a wide range of complex machinery operations.

Technical Specifications and Operating Instructions:

The power rating of FANUC A06B-6124-H109 is 15k. It can run in multiple control modes, including position, speed, and torque. With a 10 A output current at a standard frequency of 50/60Hz. Within an IP20 external protection class, this unit offers reliable performance between 0-240 VDC voltage range with 200-240VAC 3-phase input power.

Furthermore, communication capabilities include a serial interface and Ethernet, so you can rest assured that your connection will be secure no matter the environment. It can work across temperature ranges from 0°C right through 55°C.

All these features come packed into an 8 kg shell, making it incredibly light and easy to integrate into existing systems while providing superior power outputs. The perfect combination for any modern, sophisticated application requiring precision movement control.

Many cutting-edge features make the FANUC A06B-6124-H109 servo amplifier popular among industrial automation experts. Control of servo motors at high speeds and with precision is one of the standout qualities.

It has superior qualities: multiple control modes for various servo motor types, advanced digital signal processing technology for fluid operation, and automatic gain tuning for best results. Furthermore, high-performance digital signal processors for precise motor control and built-in diagnostic capabilities for rapid maintenance and troubleshooting are among the servo amplifier's standout features.

Wiring and Features:

Understanding the servo amplifier's wire connections is essential before installing it. The amplifier contains several input and output terminals that connect it to different servo system parts. The amplifier provides multiple connection points for the complete servo system, with power input terminals (L1/L2/L3) and motor output terminals (U/V/W).

Feedback input terminals(A/B/Z) and control inputs include pulse, analog and digital types. Seamless integration between these components is essential to ensure the smooth operation of the system.

With its adjustable settings, the servo amplifier is a powerhouse of versatility. Implementing this highly functional device requires minimal setup time and can be done effortlessly to meet industrial needs.

To ensure the optimal functioning of your CNC machine, power on the system and carefully tune its servo motor with a gain adjuster knob. Ensure you set up all components correctly to use them confidently for optimal performance.


Although the FANUC A06B-6124-H109 module is low-maintenance by design, it is nevertheless crucial to frequently check for wear or damage, such as loose connections, cracks, and dents.

It has a built-in diagnostic function for quick troubleshooting and maintenance. Check the wiring connections to ensure they are safe and correctly connected if the user encounters any servo amplifier issues.

To ensure that the power supply is within the permitted range, check it. Test the servo motor and feedback device to ensure they are operating properly. Check the control device to ensure the amplifier receives the right signals.

Make sure that the LED indications on the module are operating properly. Check the diagnostic features to identify any flaws or malfunctions in the module.


FANUC A06B-6111-H022#H550

The FANUC A06B-6111-H022#H550 is a powerful digital AC servo amplifier that can be used with FANUC CNC systems to deliver exact control over the motion of machinery. With this reliable and advanced piece of equipment, automation processes can experience swift and accurate movement for enhanced productivity.

Technical specifications of FANUC A06B-6111-H022#H550:

The servo amplifier has several qualities that combine to make it a potent and dependable AC servo amplifier. Highly efficient digital signal processing for accurate control of AC servo motors and cutting-edge vibration suppression technology to reduce mechanical vibrations and assure smooth, accurate movement are some of the important advantages of this amplifier.

There are defenses against overcurrent, overvoltage, and other possible dangers built into the system. Additionally, it has a user-friendly interface for straightforward operation and troubleshooting with LED indicators and an easy-to-read display. We recommend using various FANUC CNC systems and AC servo motors for optimal adaptability and versatility.

Output power is 3-phase 0-230V AC, 10.8A continuous, and 22A peak. Input power is 3-phase 200V AC, 50/60Hz. The ambient temperature is approximately 0 to 55 degrees Celsius. Protection functions: overcurrent, overvoltage, Undervoltage, overheating, and overspeed protection.

This servo amplifier is enclosed in a case of 110 mm x 280 mm x 320 mm (W x H x D) dimensions. Weight: of the case is 5.8 kg, and the overload capacity it can bear is 150% for 60 seconds and 200% for 3 seconds.

Connect a computer to a servo amplifier using a serial cable. Use the FANUC PC software to configure the servo amplifier settings. Select the relevant settings and choose your desired control mode (velocity, torque, or position control).

Set them up in a stable atmosphere after setting up the servo amplifier, turning on the CNC machine, and thoroughly testing the motor and FANUC A06B-6124-H106 to ensure they both work. For optimum, dependable performance, make sure there are no vibrations near it.

Troubleshooting and maintenance:

Check the input power and ensure it is connected properly if the amplifier won't turn on. If necessary, examine the fuses on the device and replace them. Check that the output cables are connected properly if the motor won't move. Make sure the encoder and motor are operating properly by checking them.

Check the ventilation specifications and make sure the amplifier is positioned in a location with sufficient airflow if it is overheating. Make sure the fan is operating properly by giving it a once-over. If the communication interface isn't functioning, ensure the connection is connected correctly. Make that the machine's communication settings correspond with those on the unit by checking them.

To ensure the FANUC A06B-6111-H022#H550 operates properly and lasts for a long time, it is important to perform regular maintenance. Regularly cleaning the appliance will stop dust and filth from accumulating.

To ensure they are safe, periodically check the wiring connections. To guarantee that the fan is operating properly, check it occasionally. Periodically check the fuses and replace them if necessary.

Configure the safety features to protect the servo amplifier from overcurrent, overvoltage, low voltage, and overheating. Adjust the servo amplifier parameters to get the most out of your application's servo amplifier and servo motor. In case of any trouble, consult the FANUC user manual.