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FANUC A06B-6089-H206

Fanuc A06B-6089-H206
Fanuc A06B-6089-H206

FANUC A06B-6089-H206

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All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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FANUC A06B-6089-H206

FANUC A06B-6089-H206 is an advanced, dual-axis servo drive unit that controls two high-performance motors precisely. It's a perfect solution for sophisticated robotics and machinery applications that require precise motor movements across multiple axes.

The servo amplifier unit is a vital link in the chain of any servo system. The servo amplifier module can operate with speed and accuracy while precisely controlling torque and position values.

Technical Specs of A06B-6089-H206:

The A06B-6089-H206 servo amplifier module is a powerful and dependable technology capable of providing exact control over two axes on motorized systems. This state-of-the-art system ensures accurate movement for improved operation.

This unit is designed for reliable performance with an impressive power supply of 19 Amps and a voltage range between 200-230 Volts. Boasting 8.8 Amp current ratings along the L & M axes, it will deliver exceptional results with its maximum output of 230 Volts.

This servo amplifier unit has four-channel switches on the front panel, providing optimal control options. Additionally, six check pins below the LED enable accurate control of power supply voltage and motor current monitoring - a helpful asset during troubleshooting.

A06B-6089-H206 servo amplifier is a powerful resource designed to meet the individual power needs of servos. To achieve peak performance, maintain the voltage above 170V AC when multiple motors are accelerating or decelerating simultaneously €“ Normal conditions may only require half of the temporary demand, which can double what is needed.

When supplying power to the A06B-6089-H206 servo amplifier unit, removing any connecting jumpers between L1C and L1 or between L2C and L2 is imperative.

This simple step can go a long way in preventing potential problems such as supply issues or malfunctions due to motor damage - all of which could be avoided by following guidelines issued by the manufacturer for optimal performance.

Standard Operating Conditions:

When operating within its designated parameters, the A06B-6089-H206 servo amplifier unit is precisely engineered to generate optimum performance and extended service life.

The ideal installation conditions for this unit include an ambient temperature range of 0 to 55°C (32-131°F) and relative humidity between 5% - 95%, with no condensation. The location must be free from vibrations, dust, or moisture to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Major Components:

The A06B-6089-H206 servo amplifier unit is powered by two essential components: the wiring board A20B-2002-0065 and PCB A20B 2002 0032. These parts provide energy for this versatile machine tool motor drive.

The A20B-2002-0065 wiring board is an essential component of the servo amplifier unit. It enables secure and reliable communication between vital parts such as control circuitry, power input, and motor output. It ensures a smooth power transfer for maximum system efficiency.

The A20B-2002-0032 PCB supplies power to the servo amplifier unit, regulating and controlling input with resistors, capacitors, and diodes. This process smoothes out any potential surges in voltage for optimum performance.

Safety Precautions for Servo Amplifier:

To ensure your safety and the optimal performance of this servo amplifier unit, it is essential to take all necessary precautionary steps during maintenance or inspection.


Critical among these is switching off the power supply before beginning work; doing so will help prevent fatal electric shocks while shielding against any potential harm to the faulty device and other connected systems.

Ensure the "CHARGING" LED (red) beside the circuit breaker is off when disconnecting power from the A06B-6089-H206 servo amplifier. To prevent hazardous electrical discharges if touched, fully discharge all internal DC bus capacitors.