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FANUC A06B-6124-H105

Fanuc A06B-6124-H105
Fanuc A06B-6124-H105

FANUC A06B-6124-H105

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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FANUC A06B-6124-H105

The FANUC A06B-6124-H105 servo amplifier is a powerful device expertly crafted to drive servo motors in CNC machines. This extremely versatile amp works with the advanced FANUC series 30i/31i/32i controllers and is perfectly suited for any industrial setting, offering various features that make operations easy and efficient. With this powerhouse component, you can increase productivity while ensuring high accuracy rates.

Features and Technical Specifications:

The servo amplifier is an advanced technology delivering exact and powerful control over CNC machines. It boasts a wide range of connections ranging from digital to analog inputs and outputs and serial communications for maximum efficiency.

It has been developed to be extremely effective, lowering energy consumption and running expenses. The input voltage of FANUC A06B-6124-H105 is 0-240VAC, whereas it provides an output voltage of 200-240 VAC with up to 10 A output current, supplying 2.4 kW at peak performance.

An analog voltage/pulse coder control mode ensures precise results and easily manageable settings. At the same time, the compact design comes in dimensions 160 x 70 x 210 mm and weighs only 2.2 kg - making it an ideal choice for all projects.

This cutting-edge device promises unparalleled accuracy in motion control applications. With the customizable settings of its servo amplifier, users can easily adjust their performance to provide an optimal solution for any application.

Mounting and Operations of FANUC A06B-6124-H105:


Compact in design, the servo amplifier is suitable for various industrial applications and is simple to set up and use. Its adjustable settings allow users to tailor its functionality to their requirements, making it an ideal choice for any application.

Make sure to turn off the power to the CNC machine before installing the FANUC A06B-6124-H105. Install the servo amplifier paying close attention to the security and installation of all connections.

Ensure that you properly hook up the power input terminals of your amplifier to a compatible voltage and current supply to maximize its performance. Then attach servo motor cables for reliable output from the system. Set the amplifier's dip switches by the CNC machine's specifications.

By joining the ground terminal to the grounding wire, you can ground the servo amplifier. Make sure the grounding wire is the right size and is connected firmly. Set the amplifier's dip switches by the CNC machine's specifications.

Turn on the CNC machine and test the servo motor and amplifier to ensure they operate properly after setting up the servo amplifier. Use the gain adjuster knob on the servo amplifier's front panel to precisely calibrate its output and meet the exact specifications of your CNC machine.

With the servo amplifier up and running, attach the servo motor to complete the setup. Double-check that all connections are secure before adjusting settings on the amplifier for a tailored experience in line with your specific needs.

Safety Measures and Maintenance:

Several safety features on the servo amplifier, such as overcurrent protection and emergency stop, guarantee the protection of both the user and the machine. An alarm indication will appear on the servo amplifier's front panel if it detects a defect.

With straightforward diagnostic tools and easy access to the internal components, the servo amplifier FANUC A06B-6124-H105 is made easy to maintain.

Regular maintenance is paramount for your servo amplifier. Replace damaged or worn-out components with a FANUC-approved replacement part for optimal results.