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Mitsubishi MDS-B-CV-220

Mitsubishi Mds-B-Cv-220

Mitsubishi MDS-B-CV-220

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Mitsubishi MDS-B-CV-220

The Mitsubishi MDS-B-CV-220 is a power supply designed for the MEDLAS 500 series and operates within a voltage range of 270V to 311V, delivering a power of 22kW. It plays a crucial role in providing DC currents to the MITSUBISHI MDS Servo drives and MITSUBISHI Spindle drives in CNC machine tools.

Technical Specification:

The Mitsubishi MDS-B-CV-220 is a linear servo amplifier that provides supply for the MELDAS 500 series. High-speed and precision processing are ensured with a high-speed CPU on the control PCB and a sub-micron detector for faster interpolation. Stable position loop control (SHG control) improves positioning time tracking and reduces machine vibration during acceleration/deceleration.

The high-speed CPU in the spindle drive enhances performance and precision, while high-speed spindle orientation is achieved directly from high speed. It also has a very light weight of 0.24 kg and a compact design due to the integration of a servo and spindle drive in one unit.

The dimensions of this power supply unit are 38 cm x 15 cm x 32 cm. The height of this power supply unit incorporates the NC to have a unifying appearance. The MDS-B-CV-220 uses self-cooling, so it does not require an external cooling system. Additionally, due to the presence of built in IPM (Intelligent Power Module), the MDS-B-CV-220 generates less heat.

The MDS-B Series complies with European Safety Standards and has TUV approval for CV, SP, and V1V2 models. It includes an emergency stop input line for independent power supply shutoff, enabled through the rotary switch and drive parameter settings.

Installation Guide:

To install the Mitsubishi MDS-B-CV-220, mount the unit on a stable, vibration-free surface using appropriate brackets and screws, ensuring adequate ventilation to prevent overheating. Next, connect the control wires to the appropriate terminals, ensuring all connections are tight and secure. For signal wiring, connect the signal wires to the designated terminals and ensure proper shielding and separation from power lines to avoid interference.

During the initial power-up, gradually power up the unit and monitor for any unusual sounds, smells, or heat, checking all indicators and displays for regular operation.

Safety Precautions:

Before installing, disconnect all power sources to prevent electrical shock and wear appropriate personal protective equipment such as gloves and safety glasses. Ensure the unit specifications match the system requirements and the installation environment is clean, dry, and free from dust and vibration.

After installation, monitor the unit's operating temperature to ensure it stays within the recommended range. Also, periodically check the unit and all connections for wear, damage, or overheating signs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can the C1 series be used without issues together with the MDS-B-CV-220 in the same machine?

Yes, the C1 series is compatible with the MDS-B-CV-220, sharing the exact installation dimensions, terminal connections, and servo/spindle parameters.

How do I set the initial parameters for the MDS-B-CV-220?

The initial parameters for the MDS-B-CV-220 can be set using the rotary switches. The parameters include command polarity/feedback polarity, servo specifications, ball screw pitch, detector resolution, motor type, detector type, and power supply type.

Does the MDS-B-CV-220 Power Supply Unit have a cooling system?

Yes, the MDS-B-CV-220 Power Supply Unit operates a cooling fan on the rear side of the unit.

Product Specifications Table

Attribute Specifications
Designed For MEDLAS 500 series
Module Type MDS Power Supply
Input Current 81A
Power 2x20kW
Frequency Range 50-60 Hz
Voltage Range 200 to 230V
Phase 3
Rated Capacity 22 kW
Rated Output Voltage 270-311V
Rated Output Current 95A

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