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Mitsubishi MDS-D-SVJ3-10NA

Mitsubishi Mds-D-Svj3-10Na
Mitsubishi Mds-D-Svj3-10Na

Mitsubishi MDS-D-SVJ3-10NA

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  • 5AMP
  • 3PH
  • 200-230V 50/60HZ

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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The MDS-D-SVJ3-10NA model has a CNC design by Mitsubishi to be used in numerous automated applications. It is equipped to handle an array of automated applications, producing top performance at the rated power of 1 kW while remaining on point regarding sound pressure (55 dB).

This model MDS-D-SVJ3-10NA provides sophisticated technology, allowing it to precisely measure machine position using a linear scale as opposed to conventional semi-closed loop controls, which only measure motor positioning.

Technical Specification of MDS-D-SVJ3-10NA:

The MDS-D-SVJ3-10NA model is a cutting-edge motor control device with sine wave PMW regulation and an integrated dynamic brake. It boasts impressive protection from the elements at the IP20 rate and highly effective forced cooling technology to combat heat build-up - available via a built-in fan or blower system.

The external analog output has capabilities for 0 up to +5 Volts of voltage range – all within its lightweight 2.3 kilograms design that dissipates 90 W during peak power usage. The MDS-D-SVJ3-10NA model offers both regenerative and dynamic braking systems. It is designed to accommodates input voltages of 200 VAC at 50 Hz or between 200 to 230 VAC at 60 Hz, with tolerance fluctuations ranging from +10% -15%.

The rated current capability of the model MDS-D-SVJ3-10NA is 5A on the input side and 11A on the output end, while its maximum current capacity sits at 0.2 A, alongside a rush current surge of up to 30 amps.

Ambient Details:

The MDS-D-SVJ3-10NA model performs optimally within a temperature range of -15 and +70 degrees Celsius, with relative humidity below 90 percent. To ensure successful operation, corrosive gases, oil mist, or dust must be avoided in its environment, and direct sunlight exposure must be. Its performance stability extends to an altitude of 1 kilometer above sea level for deployment versatility.

The optimum environmental conditions for operating the model MDS-D-SVJ3-10NA are between a temperature range of 0 - 40 degrees Celsius and a humidity level not above 80 percent. With reliable performance output, it can endure vibrations up to 19.6 m/s2 in X & Y axes.

Special Features:

Through MDS-D-SVJ3-10NA's position command synchronous control, two servomotors can efficiently collaborate to drive the same axis. This versatile dual axle control system enables independent speed and positioning input for each motor while executing a shared set of commands - optimizing performance within any given application.

The model MDS-D-SVJ3-10NA designed with a torque limit function, which gives users the power to toggle between two parameter values to precisely control the stopper's location and create an exact reference position. This motor output suppression feature offers enhanced accuracy through its integrated speed loop PID changeover control.

This operation ensures seamless position tracking between the motor and machine end for optimal performance in a fully closed-loop setup. With full-closed position loop control enabled, the final destinations of machines are utilized for precise positional feedback.

The MDS-D-SVJ3-10NA model dual feedback control incorporates the addition of a Delay (D) Control to its Speed Control, generally regulated by Proportional Integral (PI). This modification helps mitigate the formation of overshoot in closed-loop systems due to weakened PI controls when position droop reaches 0.

Its implementation ensures stability even with linear scales capable of immediately detecting machine-end positions such as tables and effectively filtering out high-frequency components from machine-end feedback signals.