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Mitsubishi MR-J2S-200A

Mitsubishi Mr-J2S-200A

Mitsubishi MR-J2S-200A

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  • MRJ2S200A
  • 2000 W INPUT
  • 10.5 AMP
  • 200-230V / 50/60 HZ
  • 2 KW

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All products are covered by Industrial Automation Co.'s 2-Year Warranty.

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All products (new, refurbished, and repairs) are covered by the Industrial Automation Company's 2 Year Warranty. Manufacturer's Warranty does not apply.

Learn More About the Mitsubishi MR-J2S-200A Servo AC Amplifier

The Mitsubishi MR-J2S-200A is a high-performance, multipurpose AC servo amplifier. The amplifier can perform tasks while switching between several control modes, such as position control, speed control, and torque control. The Mitsubishi MR-J2S-200A servo AC amplifier uses a high-speed pulse train to regulate a motor's rotational speed and direction for precise positioning.

Mitsubishi MR-J2S-200A

Technical Specifications of the MR-J2S-200A

The permissible voltage supply for the three-phase power supply of the Mitsubishi MR-J2S-200A is between 170 to 253 VAC. The model weighs 2 kilograms and has several protective functions such as Overcurrent shut-off, regenerative overvoltage shut-off, overload shut-off (electronic thermal relay), encoder error protection, Undervoltage, instantaneous power failure protection, and Overspeed protection. This model features a built-in dynamic brake and a current control system as additional safety features.

The MR-J2S-200A servo AC amplifier has three control modes: position control, speed control, and torque control. The maximum input pulse frequency of the model is 500 kbps for the differential receiver and 200 kbps for the open collector in the position control mode. The speed control range lies between 1:2000 for analog speed command and 1:5000 for internal speed command. The analog speed command input has a voltage range of 0 to +/- 10 VDC, and the analog torque command input has a 0 to +/- 8 VDC voltage.

How to Install Your MR-J2S-200A

Allow for enough side clearance (10 mm), top clearance (40 mm), and bottom clearance (40 mm) while installing a single servo amplifier. Clearances of 100 mm at the top, 40 mm at the bottom, 30 mm at the sides, and 10 mm at the bottom between the modules are required when installing two or more amplifiers in a control cabinet.

A fan must be installed to regulate the control cabinet's internal temperature. To prevent excessive vibrations and obtain optimal performance, the MR-J2S-200A must be installed vertically. Additionally, the installation needs to be performed by a trained expert.

mitsubishi mr-j2s-200a servo ac amplifier

Ideal Operating Conditions

The temperature range in which the model may be operated is between 0 and +55 degrees Centigrade, and the temperature range in which it can be stored is between -20 and +65 degrees Centigrade. The operational and storage area should have a maximum relative humidity of up to 90 percent.

Mitsubishi MR-J2S-200A Servo AC Amplifier Wiring Instructions

The servo amplifier's power input terminals (L1, L2, L3, L11, L21) should be connected to the appropriate power source. Connecting the motor's ground wire to the amplifier's PE terminal is standard practice. The pins of connectors CN1A and CN1B do not receive 24 VDC or higher voltages. Terminals U, V, and W of the servo amplifier deliver power to the servo motor. No undue pressure should be applied to the electrical wires.

As the heat sink of the servo amplifier and motor may remain hot for some time after the power has been turned off, precautions should be taken to ensure that no one's hands or other components (cables, etc.) come into touch with them by mistake. High temperatures might cause burns or mechanical failure.


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