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Allen-Bradley CompactLogix

Enhance your operations with CompactLogix control systems, engineered for small to medium applications. By integrating advanced software with durable hardware into one efficient controller, they offer unmatched operational excellence and cost savings.

Explore our wide selection of CompactLogix controllers and Allen-Bradley partssupported by expert guidance. Ready for an upgrade? Contact us today to discover unparalleled automation capabilities and drive your operations forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions About AB CompactLogix

As a trusted source of information on AB CompactLogix, we've compiled some commonly asked questions below. Feel free to browse them, and don't hesitate to contact us for more details.

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More than CompactLogix PLCs

Industrial Automation Co. is a global leader in industrial replacement parts, offering various components to keep your operation running efficiently. In addition to CompactLogix controllers, we supply other Allen-Bradley replacement parts, including:

CompactLogix PLCs for a Wide Range of Applications

CompactLogix PLCs are well-suited for small to medium-sized food and beverage, manufacturing, material handling, and packaging applications. These modules can be used with various components, including auxiliary contacts, magnetic contactors, relay interfacing, sensors, switches, and thermal protection mechanisms. They are ideal for control system integration, industrial automation and control, input signal analysis, monitoring and controlling process signals, and temperature control and monitoring.

Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC

Choose the AB CompactLogix Condition You Want

We offer AB CompactLogix controllers in different conditions to meet your needs. A two-year warranty covers all options, and availability may vary:

New Surplus Sealed Parts

Parts are still in the original sealed package, which may show some signs of discoloration or wear. They include documentation and accessories.

New Surplus Open Box Products

These products are in the original, unsealed package. There is no guarantee of accessories or documentation.

Refurbished Components

Our team of expert engineers professionally refurbishes these components, ensuring they are in working condition. Please note that accessories and documentation may not be available.

About CompactLogix

CompactLogix has been the go-to choice for many applications for over a decade. After the launch of MicroLogix in 1994 and ControlLogix in 1999, Rockwell Automation introduced these PLCs in 2008. They were an answer to the industry's request for a more cost-friendly option. These devices come with an embedded USB port and an SD card slot. You can choose from various specifications to meet your needs based on the following:

  • Input type
  • Output
  • Memory type
  • Communication module
  • Enclosure type
  • Mounting options

These components support linear, device-level ring, and traditional star topologies. They accommodate the most common programming languages, including:

  • Ladder
  • Statement list
  • Function block
  • Sequence function chart
  • Structured text

Customer Service Designed With You in Mind

We back every CompactLogix PLC with exceptional customer service. You can rely on us for professional guidance and advice about the components you need most. We're committed to providing the best customer service possible coupled with devices that you know will work as intended. Our knowledgeable team of professionals aids customers every step of the way, from selecting appropriate products to answering technical questions and providing post-purchase support.

We understand that customer needs vary, and we ensure that each customer receives personalized attention for their unique requirements. If an issue arises, we resolve it quickly, making our customer's experience as seamless as possible. Our customer service has earned us a loyal customer base that trusts us to deliver the best possible solutions for their industrial automation needs.

Purchase Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLCs From Industrial Automation

Industry leaders across the globe trust us for their Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC requirements. We specialize in legacy, mature, and end-of-life products. With quick turnaround times and exceptional customer service, we deliver the components they need when needed. You'll get the same excellent service whether you order one device or multiple. Our replacement parts can help you avoid costly breakdowns and unnecessary maintenance. We're committed to helping you increase uptime and decrease downtime by providing the modules you want. Order today and see the difference Industrial Automation Co. can make.

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